Pinch and a Punch, the first of the month

Hi and it’s Clare Maxfield. And this morning a message came through my phone and it read: “A pinch and a punch, it’s the first of the month.”

And it is! It’s the first of March. Down here in Melbourne, it is the first day of autumn.

But it got me thinking, what does a pinch and a punch, on the first of the month mean and where did it come from. So not being the one to let things go, I did a little research.

Did you know it goes back to George Washington. And apparently what he used to do on the first of every month, he goes to the Indians and he gives them fruit punch with a pinch of salt. So it actually does have a factual history.

But then, if we go back to the places in Wales while there they will start saying, at the end of that saying: “rabbits, rabbits, rabbits…” welI I don’t know.

All this Monty Python imagery came to my mind at that point especially those giant rabbits.

But apparently, invoking the white rabbits is bringing in the good fortune.

Then, there are other places in the world where after your go: “a pinch and a punch, it’s the first day of the month”, someone will go: “it’s a hit and a kick for getting in quick.”

So, whatever happens today, it’s the first of the month and make it a marvelous month and maybe avoid those pinches, punches, hits and kicks. And whatever you do, just have a great day. See you later.


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