Aqua – The Colour for Playtime and Rejuvenation

Aqua – The Colour for Playtime and Rejuvenation.

Summer holidays are a time of playtime and enjoyment. The colours you want to surround yourself with are the colours which bring out your playful, energetic self.

Aqua as a colour revitalises the body and the mind. Visually aqua is made up of blue, green and white generally. It is refreshing and comforting. It is a great colour to be playful in. People never feel guilty about enjoying themselves when wearing aqua.

Aqua in the home is regenerating. It soothes and pampers the mind. It lightens the mood and is great for rooms in which you want to stimulate sharing, playfulness and bring in laughter. Aqua is ideal for therapy and massage rooms where touch and comfort are required.

As a healing colour it is related to the energies of play and renewal. It can be felt in the body in the shoulders, trapezium muscles and thymus. It is ideal to alleviate tiredness, aches and heaviness.  Colour healing can be achieved by meditating on the colour aqua, imagining it flowing through your body as you breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth.

The person for whom aqua is their favourite colour will thrive on distractions. They need to be careful they do not let their mood dispel when things do not go their way. They might feel like the sunshine has been stolen from their day.