Balancing your hair texture with your clothing

Dressing for your hair texture


Just like the skin your hair will have a huge impact on what is going to suit you well. You want to create a balance to your overall appearance.

Straight hair – You will want to wear sharp clothing. Straight lines, crisp fabrics and fabrics with geomatics or abstract art patterns as opposed to natural or floral. Your fabrics will want to be the kind of fabrics that either wash and dry to a crisp flat finish or you will be one to iron regularly. Cottons, clear cut woollens, fine knits. Plain fabrics will also suit you. Well structured clothing will also be in harmony.

Wavy hair – Fabrics with motion will enhance your hair. Waterfall jackets, floaty tops and layers. Natural and floral prints will harmonise best with your hair. Plain fabrics in a  soft weave will suit you as opposed to sharp geomatics patterns. frills and flounces can suit you very well, as long as they fit your personality.

Curly hair – You suit crisp and soft fabrics, depending on the tightness of your  curl. The tighter your curl the sharper your fabrics can be. You look wonderful in round and curved geometric prints as opposed to those made up of sharp and straight lines.

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