Balancing your skin and your clothing

skin textures and your style


The texture of your skin is going to have an impact on the fabrics and finishes that you will look your radiant best in.

This has nothing whatsoever to do with your colouring. It is simply your skin, the surface finish to it and the texture to it. There are three elements to the surface finish and they are Shine, Sheen and Matte

Shine – Women who have a high shine to their skin will know it. You will constantly be looking for products to give you a more matte finish. People may think that you have excessive oil production, while the reality is that yes, you have a higher than average oil production, it does not mean you have oily skin, you simply have shiny skin. You are going to suit fabrics and accessories with high shine.

Ideal fabrics are satin, lurex, sequins, polished cotton, polished leather even the high shine polyester winter fabrics that snow jackets are made from.

Ideal metals and gemstones – all highly polished metals and highly polished precious and semi precious stones and polished venetian glass.

Sheen – Sheen to your skin is a natural glow of health. It is the appearance of healthy skin that has an internal radiance to it. You are going to suit fabrics and accessories with a sheen to them.

Ideal fabrics are delustre satin, silks, leather, clear cut suiting, finer fabrics in wool and cotton.

Ideal metals and gemstones – all golds and silvers, precious stones not polished to a high shine, pearls and opals.

Matte – Matte skin comes in and out of style. Matte can look very old world Hollywood, when the movie stars wore matte red lipsticks and had a very matte reflection to their skin. If you are looking for old world glamour, this is your look. sadly, for some, ill health drains the skin of any life and an excess of dead skin cells will reduce the skin to an ashen appearance. You are going to suit fabrics and accessories with a matte finish to them.

Ideal fabrics are rough hewn wools, cottons, denims and linens. Fabrics with more texture and a looser weave. Suede over leather and knits over woven fabrics.

Ideal metals and gemstones – Matte or beaten metals. Stones polished to a rough finish and even natural stone or polished wood.

Freckles – Have you noticed how your freckles can at times be very obvious and other times you hardly notice that they are there. This is not to say that one is better than the bother. Some women love their freckles and others detest them. So, here is the thing with freckles. When you wear textured fabrics, anything with a fine scattered pattern, with even an animal print or in natural tones, you are working with your freckles, so they will be less noticeable. when you wear smooth clear and plain fabrics, your freckles will be more noticeable. So the choice is yours as to how you dress your freckles.

Wrinkles – Laugh lines, these are unavoidable. That is not too say that they aren’t erasable. Many invasive and non invasive treatments are about, but time will one day catch up to you and texture will come to your face. the secret to looking less lined is to actually embrace your lines and repeat them in your fabrics. Have you noticed how young girls look great in sharp cotton and satins, while older women look better in textured linens and crinkled fabrics. It is no secret. It is simply harmonising with what is visible naturally on your face.

Acne – You might be suffering from adult onset acne, you may have found even that you are still getting acne or you might have a child who is still suffering from acne bouts. I recommend you dress the person with acne, in a similar vein to those who have freckles. Look for texture in clothing and avoid reds in your clothing. That is a great way to say, see look I have a red spot on my top and on my face which no one wants.

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