Business Dress Code Level 1

business clothing level one
The way you dress speaks volumes. Make sure your clothes are sticking up for you.
No matter what industry you are in, if you plan to be successful you are going to be expected to look successful. It might be that you do not wear suits because you have to but you might end up wearing suits because you want to. Each level is represented by one main feature of dressing.
At Level one the main distinguishing item is the maching suit with elegant accessories and traditional styling.
Shoes are simple leather for men and women. For women it is a tie and suit whilst for women it is primarily a skirt suit. However a pants suit can be worn as well. The colours at level one are black, white, charcoal and navy. With pops of simple colours, red, yellow, green and blue. Fabrics are woollen plain, pinstripe or check.

The time to wear Level one is in a very traditional field such as law or finance. Other events which may require you to wear a traditional suit in your industry can be during any of the following situations

Representing your company outside the organisation

Meeting clients for the first time.

Making a presentation

Leading a meeting with clients

Visiting a client who wears Level 1 dressing

Dealing with International clients or handling business overseas

Women can also wear elements of the image below as long as their top always has a jacket over it and the jacket is matching to the skirt, dress or trousers.
Corporate Dress Code Level 1



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