Business Dress Code Level 4

When discussing Business Casual – which in my mind is an oxymoron, it is best to consider what does it say. It is inviting you to be a bit more relaxed at work. This does not mean to arrive in your Comic-con outfit, to show up in your gardening, golf, tennis, sailing, sports shorts, hiking gear or really anything else which you wear to enjoy your leisure time on the weekend. And yes ladies that does include your yoga pants and your leisure wear.

What does that leave you with? Casual flat-front and pleated trousers in anything to include denim. NB – For many years I would say no to denim, but it has hit mainstream so now my focus is on no rips and tears. Make yourself look presentable at work, you just don’t know which client might walk in the door. You can wear, long- and short-sleeved buttoned shirts, fine knits and lace-up or slip-on leather shoes. Ladies, no matter what, keep your toes covered. 

business clothing level 4

Making it Work

All clothing must be clean and wrinkle-free.

Your clothes must not be too tight or too baggy.

Avoid at all costs inappropriate logos.

Business dress code level 4


Business dress code level 4 by claremaxfield featuring a business outfit

Overall impression

Creative, accessible, friendly, relaxed, innovative.

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