Clothing Personalities

Clothing Personalities

Clothing personalities tell more about you than you might imagine. Your clothes can speak louder than words and can give an insight into your hidden personality through the use of fabric, colour, trim and accessories. Ensure that you are always wearing the correct clothing that displays who you truly are.

The Classic Personality is ordered, capable, has an attention to detail and is stable. These people are great in traditional finance and corporate positions.

The Dramatic Personality loves living in the spotlight. They are gregarious, will not shy away from the spotlight, are a great ambassador and a motivator.

The Natural Personality does not give a toss about fashion. They are more interested in more intellectual matters or functional matters. They are doers, not sayers generally. These people are great in support roles, working as administrators and often with their hands.

The Rebellious Personality will be apparent by their love of studs, leather and a tattoo or two, hidden or not. They are suited to creative industries, music or nightlife.

The Elegant Personality is like the Classic only less rigid and more community minded. These women know who they are and are often quite forthright in their approach.

The Romantic Personality is very womanly, gracious and pretty. She is suited to beauty and spa industries, fashion and support roles.

Finally the Creative Personality will dance to her own tune. She will never conform to style, deisgn or trends. Her ideas and outlook on life are as original as her clothing style. Do not box this lady in.

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