Coaching- your secret to success

Why is it that some people successfully make changes and overcome all the obstacles in their path on the way to success and rest of us seem to find obstacle after obstacle, and barrier after barrier that often times, we discover we are the ones that geting our own way and have placed them there? We flounder about for months and even years, even though we use the same information as our successful friends, we don’t get the same results.

The reason is simple! We are not the same. We do not have the same history, the same thought patterns, or the same motivators or inhibitors. You read the books, you watched the videos. You even attend the same courses, yet you don’t get the same results.

It’s not that you’re receiving anything different, it’s just that you are perceiving it in a totally different manner. One set of instructions can be perceived in an exponentially different manner for every person who receives those same instructions.

Let me explain to you why, very simply. In every given second, the human brain receives 11 million bits of information through our 5 senses. Those 5 senses are our sight, smell, taste, sound and touch. In other words, our eyes, nose, mouth, ears and skin. Of those 11 million bits of information, we can only take in 126 bits per second. Of those 126 bits per second, they are then processed prior to going to our individual filters of understanding.

These filters consist of our memories, our values, our language and our belief systems. And by language, I don’t mean the words you speak. I’m referring to the context and the meaning that you place on those words.

Once this information has passed through our filters, we then delete, distort and generalized this 126 bits of information into a picture which makes sense to us. This picture will then effect our state or mood and this then affects our behavior.

When most people go to make changes, they make them at the information level which is kind of like putting fresh paint over a moldy wall and thinking that the mold with disappear. You wonder why it keeps reappearing.

To fix the wall, you need to remove the cause of the mold. To bring lasting change, you need to reach the unconscious mind and make the changes there. The unconscious mind is where the mold is forming. The conscious mind is just the paint over the top. And to make lasting changes, it needs to align with your beliefs, your language and your values. Once change is linked to these 3 elements, of you who are at your core, real change can be achieved.

It is one thing to think you can achieve something but to believe you can and have it aligned with your language, and have it aligned with your values, then guess what? You can achieve anything!

Success is 20% strategy and 80% attitude!

So this is where coaching can help. Giving to understand your language patterns, your beliefs and your values could help you to make effective and lasting changes. You will be more effective with how you react to and respond to those 126 bits per second of information that you’re receiving.

You’ll find your focus and get more of the bits of value and leave behind that which with no relevance to you at all. You can successfully make the changes you want and need in your life and stop repeating those old patterns.

For more information on how you can knock down those barriers and turn them in to the stepping stones to success, call me Clare Maxfield and turn this into a year to remember.

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