Custom Lip Colour

Earlier this year I started creating new videos for my make-up line and creating new products, have a listen and watch as I describe the process.

Hi, Clare Maxfield here from Maxfield Cosmetics. And I’m going to share with you a brand new, hot out of the kitchen, almost literally product.

You can now customise your own lipstick to exactly the shade you want. So keep watching, I’m going to tell you how.

Customised lipsticks. Now in the past I’ve got some beautiful colour in the range and you would think having my own range, I’d be able to get exactly the colour that I wanted but you know, I still couldn’t because I would find there would be a beautiful colour like this- Intriguing, and those who know it, no intrigues out there.

Let me start by popping a little liner on and I love to use “Pretty”. What I find when I put this on, great colour but it’s just lacking a little bit of oomph. So what I used to do, and many of you will know the lip dust …is add a little bit of lip dust to lift the colour. But here is what the problem was, I had to carry one of these with me and if any of you know the problems I’ve had with the containers of late you would know they’d just, you know…the lid comes off of your bag, it goes everywhere. Then I came up with a great idea.

Why don’t I pop the 2 together in a pre-made pot? So bear with me while I take this (lipstick) off and I will be back in a moment.

Okay, so here I am back again with that colour off and I’ll just pop my Pretty (lipliner) on and grab my brand new pot of Clare’s own colour.

Now I’m calling it Clare’s Own colour because I’m not poing to name any of these because if you want to order them, you’re poing to be ordering exactly the colour you want. Using the lipstick base you want and using, using the dust colour you want, and it will be Your Own colour.

So here is one. This is one I made earlier. Literally… so I’m just using a brush…it’s very firm.

Can I tell you, when you get one for the first time, work it out. Okay, I’m getting a little hole in the bottom, now it’s time to come together. So this is a mix of Intriguing and Cameo which exactly the colour I like and… do you know how to do this in reverse with a bit of shimmer. I’m loving the color. So, you can now mix up your own.

So, let me tell you, how it started – here is a pot. This is the pot that started it all, well actually there’s another one over here. And I had an email from someone. She said, I love Code Red but always have to add Copper Sheen to make it work.

So what did I do? I put the two together for her in this pot. And this is now Terry’s colour. So if you have anything you want to make up or if you like me and I use to always wear, in my handbag, I always had a pot here of Peach Gem. You know what? I’ve made up my own lipstick of Peach Gem. So this is Peach Gem as a lip.

So here we have them now, we have personalized pots of colour. And do you know something else you can do with them?

You can get two together, and you can keep them in your handbag like this. So you have all of your pots of colour in one place. It is customized colour.

Let me know, come and start ordering because wouldn’t it be great to have lots and lots and lots of colours and exactly the shade that you want.

If you want to know more, go on my website and you’ll see there’ll be an availability to order the custom colour .

To order you’ll have to order it via choosing your lip base and then in the notes, add the mineral dust colour you’d like to add to it or go to the website see where the nearest distributor is to you and give them a call and get them to show you how it all goes together.

So, custom colours, custom pots. You’ll find it’s going to be so much fun making your own lipstick.

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