red lipstick to give you a boost, looking great, success

When your day feels dull – Wear red lipstick

Studies have found that a pop of colour can bring renewed energy into your day. Red is an especially good colour to lift flagging spirits, to bring energy into your life and lift you out of the doldrums.

Wear red to bring vitality into a flagging day. It is great to get you up and moving. For women, it can work in lipstick, nail polish, scarves and dresses. Beware of the red jacket, that can over power you.

Gentlemen, red is great in a tie, either the whole tie, partial pattern or as a colour accent say in a stripe or check of a shirt.

Wearing red in business will have you standing out from the crowd and looking successful.

German studies have shown that red will win a sports tournament more often than any of colour.

So feeling blue? Add some red.

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