Dressing for your Personality

Dressing for your Personality_6th August, 2013

Much has been said about our Personality and how it affects not only how other see us but how we see ourselves. Unfortunately, we live in a mostly stereotypical, superficial society that is motivated by what we see more than what we know.

Since the early days of personality profiling people have been placed into boxes. These have been referred to as Ezekiel’s four living creatures, Hippocrates moods, Aristotle’s styles, Galen’s four temperaments, MYERS BRIGGS and then Kiersey’s four temperaments. To name just a few. None however have connected the choices we make in our clothing and the affect it can have on ourselves and our audience.

No longer happy to just profile clients as degrees of introversion over extroversion you need to discover for yourself how your clothing style will be motivating or demotivating to others.

When I am working in groups, I like to bring the clothing styles down into 5 basic groups. They are, the Classics, Creatives, Dramatics, Natural and Romantics. Depending on which os the 5 styles you are it will have an impact on those around you and how people perceive your personality.

I have outlined here very briefly how the 5 personalities are viewed professionally and the fields they can excel in.

Dramatics find it easy to standout thereby giving them a greater profile when it comes to promotion in the corporate or presence based markets. This can be a detractor when they are looking to working within a team.

The Classics are the ideal Corporate player with your timeless style and elegance. For this person the creative world of Art and Design can be a challenge as they are perceived rightly or wrongly to be too strict.

The Naturals/Relaxed are great in the Not For Profit industries. They are often seen in the health services and the obvious sporting and agricultural fields. A natural can often be overlooked in the corporate field.

The Romantic will also be found in the Spa industries, suited to food services – think cup cakes, and everywhere where feminine glamour is expected. The male Romantics are in the arts. These wonderful people love to love life and spend their time surrounded by beauty. With this in mind, industries which are more cut throat can appear to be out of their reach.

Finally the Creatives do things their own way. They can be overlooked in the corporate market if they are expected that they should toe the line. Their eccentricities do however make them memorable.

Take the time to learn how your style can be influencing those around you. Ensure it is correct for the industry that you are in. Finally make sure that how what you see in the mirror is the same as others see in you. All too often I have seen clients have an inaccurate perception of what style they are dressing in which can result in less than satisfactory feedback from their employer or from their own perception of what successes you should attain.

Don’t let your opportunities for success be denied. Learn how you can ensure that you have the opportunity to motivate everyone around you to see you for your accomplishments and your best at all times.

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