Dressing long and shorts legs for men


how to dress men with shorter or longer legs


Long Legged Man

The short torsoed man has one thing going for him, Long Legs. Very rarely do you hear someone bemoan the fact that they have long legs, except when they are tying to get pants the right length. Mind you even then they wish the pants were longer not that they wish they had shorter legs.

You are going to want to create some balance between your torso and your legs so your focus will be on your upper torso. You can create great lines with open necklines, ties and pointed collars. If you have exceptionally long legs beware of tucking your shirts in too tight and having your pants appear to be under your armpits. Unfortunately this will happen with time and we all know an older friend or relative who totters along with their trousers tucked in high.

  • Wearing tops just longer than your trousers will visually balance your body for you.
  • With your suits you may have to have your sleeves adjusted to the correct length.
  • If your legs are exceptionally long, to look your best casually do not tuck your shirts into your pants.
  • Longer jackets will balance you and you can get away with cuffed trousers, horizontal striped pants as well as trousers which are treated with decoration at the hips and pockets.
  • Wearing striped shirts will have your torso appearing longer and slightly rounded shoes, or shoes with a pattern will rebalance you.
  • Select clothes casually that have a contrast between the jacket and your trousers.
  • Ties with a diagonal stripe are better for you than a continuous pattern.

Short Legged

The proportionally longer torsoed man will have shorter legs. Their main concerns will be finding tops long enough; pants always being too long and finding jackets that appear long enough without making them appear to be dragging their knuckles on the ground.
  • Style tips for the long waisted person is not to create too many lines or breaks from the waist down. That will only accentuate the overall length of your torso in comparison with your legs. Avoid shoes with too much design, if you are slim look for a longer toe, avoid any breaks between your pants and shoes.
  • Avoid bull nosed shoes or extremely rounded toes as they will again shorten your legs.
  • Avoid striped tops as they can make you appear overly long in the top, instead look for vertically striped pants. Shorter jeans style and bomber jackets will suit your shape.
  • Pleated and creased trousers will also visually elongate your figure.
  • If you have a good figure tucking your clothes in will accentuate your waist and bring the focus up to your waist.

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