Dressing the Creative Male Personality Style

Creative Creative

General Description

You walk your own line. You are not to be dictated to by convention or fashion magazines. You will delight in wearing a variety of color and styles that reflect your moods and personality. You will be attracted to anything unusual and wear an eclectic mix that if anyone else tries to copy they would fail miserably. Some may call you eccentric which depending on your style may surprise even you who is simply wearing what you feel like.

Challenges – Conforming, suits, being conservative, being regimented, wearing a uniform

Perceived Personality Style – Fun loving, easy going, individual, able to look at things in a different way

Hair – You can range from flowing looks of the gallant only yours will be wild and uncontrolled to very short and dramatic looks. Colour may be something you experiment with and may have nothing to do with your personal coloring, much to my dismay.

Creative clothes

At Work ‘Creatives” will have trouble conforming to the corporate world. Mind you their personality will suit them to the creative fields of any kind of design. You will most probably be most comfortable wearing separates and accessorizing at work with oversized scarves and jumpers. Your suits will be untraditional and possibly you will wear older styles or even vests, especially when they are out of date

At Play  Every day will be something new for you and the only thing that can be predicted is that nothing will predictable.

Creative Colours – The brighter and bolder, the better for this man. Pastel colors dont really fit into this scenario very well. Fabrics will feature strong colors, abstract and large designs.

Creative fit – The ‘creative fit has no rhyme or reason to it. If it feels good and looks good it will work.

Footwear – Creatives tend more towards comfort and functionality than the latest fashion. As long as it looks interesting with your outfit you will wear it.

Fabrics – This is no right or wrong this. From PVC to Satin, silk and everything else ever created. The world is your oyster.

Accessories – Creatives will either not wear any accessories or have incredibly original oversized pieces. Gadgets will take their fancy.

Accessories – Whatever it is it will be unusual and unexpected

Variation of Creative

Variations on the Creative male personality of dressing

Classic Creative: This man will have trouble but they will find solutions in choosing retro styling of classical items from bygone eras. They will scour recycle shops to find their clothing. Again it will be elegant, timeless and well constructed.

Elegant Creative: This man will most likely your look will be 1950s inspired.

Gallant Creative: This man will be right at home in billowy scarves, cravats and soft fluid fabrics

Dramatic Creative: This man will own a wardrobe full of bold bright colors with strong geometric patterns.   

Natural Creative: This man will be comfortable in natural fibers, lots of tassels and animal prints. His trousers are more likely to be fisherman’s pants than traditional pants.

Rebellious Creative: This can get really scary here

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