Dressing the Man in Business

Dressing the Man in Business

A suit is not just a suit. It is important to get the look and the fit just right. Over the past few years mens dressing has altered fractionally in business. The resurgence of the form fitting suit has found the hems of both the jacket and the trouser rise to the new standards.

This image is a perfect example of how to make the new style work, how to look fashionable and professional all in the one outfit.

This outfit has the colours balanced, the fit prfect nad the overall impression contemporary. We know that people like to do business with people that they like the look of and this outfit is ticking all of the boxes.

The overall colour is subdued with a spike of interest at the shirt and tie. The fit is great, the button is snug, the sleeves stop a centimetre (half inch) from the wrist, the pattern in the shirt is found wihin the pattern of the tie, it is not repeated as that can be too cartoonish, but it is found within the lines and the kerchief is picking up one of the colours found in the shirt and /or tie and not a repeat of either pattern. That is a recipe for ridcule.

For more information on dressing men you can join my Dressing the male for Image Consultants webinar on 12th May or you can attend my Executive Preence for Men webinar series starting in May 2014

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