Female Clothing Personalities

Decoding the Female Personality

Every woman has her own style and her own clothing personality.  As females, we have been playing with our clothes since we first were allowed to chose what we wanted to wear. Some of us have been fascinated by clothing since the day we had a choice. For others, it was something you did just so you did not have to leave the house naked. 

Growing up some elements of clothing will excite you and others will just plain bore you, or worse still, be completely irrelevant. For some shopping will give them hours of endless excitement, others will be challenged by the abundance of choice that can be very overwhelming.

Not everyone knows who they truly are. Getting to the bottom of what we like or dislike is often a case of hit or miss. Listening to friends, retailers, family does not always answer the question you are trying to seek. As a result, they ask the question, “Who am I and what do I truly like?”

The downside of not knowing what suits you is

  • that you can end up with a wardrobe full of clothes and nothing to wear.
  • You never feel truly comfortable in what you are wearing
  • You waste a lot of money on what everyone else thinks good on you and you are never going to wear them
  • You will spend hours combing the stores looking for the right piece that suits your style
  • You are frustrated by clothing and shopping

Wearing clothes that suit your personality will ensure that you are always comfortable and confident in how you are appearing. Knowing how to adjust personal style to suit many different occasions will separate you from everyone else who simply picks up the closest pieces or what is in fashion with no regard for the finished impression.

It is your personal style which will impact why you like certain garments and dislike others. It is this aspect of your personality which will help you understand why no matter how hard you not tried to look like someone else it just doesn’t work. Especially If they are a completely different style personality to yourself.

Therefore, understanding your own personal style personality can even make looking for a job easier as you will understand certain careers and more in tune with certain styles. Having said that I want you to remember that absolutely nothing is impossible should you want it badly enough.

There are 7 predominant style personalities.

  • Classic
  • Creative
  • Dramatic
  • Elegant Chic
  • Feminine
  • Natural
  • Rebellious

It is rare for a person to be only one personality style, so you will find that you are made up of elements of all of them while primarily you relate to one or 2 most of the time.

To understand yourself better there is a quick quiz you can do which can shed a light on your personality style and reveal the choices that you will be most comfortable with.

Click here to do the quiz.