Find Your Authentic Self


Every day we are bombarded by what the latest looks are. What this one and that one is doing in the spotlight. What we should do to create so and so’s look. This constant affirming that everyone has it right can only spell one thing for the rest of us. Well maybe that is two. Firstly that we are missing out and secondly that what we are is wrong. Nothing like a negative affirmation of where and who you are.

Think back to those moments when you felt amazing. Was it after your hair had just been cut? Was it after you had nailed a presentation or a sale at work? Was it after you had watched with pride as your children had started school and waved goodbye letting you know that you are the bestest ever Mummy out there? That is the feeling we wish we could bottle every day. Well you can.

Unfortunately our life is filled by the following moments. Like when you are walking down the street and catch up with a friend and  find yourself apologising for the ill-fitting mismatched clothes; or the fact that you haven’t done your hair or get caught in the doorway at work feeling unprepared. These are the moments when your authentic self is on vacation. Probably in Bali or Hawaii or wherever your dream self goes.

It is when you are feeling complete with your authentic self in tow that life flows like a dream. You can tackle the grind at work, you can tackle the grind at home, guess what. You can tackle the world.

So how do you locate this authentic self? The steps are quite simple. Start by knowing what your own true goals are in life. Stop living by someone else’s dream. You follow this up by understanding your own personality style so that when you dress it is always a reflection of who you truly are. Once you know your personality style it is important to understand your shape. The true shape of your body and not the latest star or the latest ‘It” girl. You may find what looks fabulous on them will look dreadful on you. Complete your transformation by knowing exactly how to wear your clothes to compliment your colouring and lastly act and be in as such a manner that is again making the most of who you are not who you think you are. Wearing a mask will doom you too failure as one day you will be caught out without it on and the truth will be there for all to see.

We are approaching the end of the year so plan to make 2015 your biggest and brigtest year to date.So why not use this opportunity to usher in not a new you but the true you. In the past I found that I looked at the latest and greatest and wondered if it was really me. Should I have bothered and can I tell you so many times in the past I did bother and guess what. Those must have latest seasons items are still hiding in my wardrobe. Do you find the same? It is a shame, a waste of precious time in buying the stuff, precious space in storing the stuff and also a waste of your hard earned money.

It is time to shed your old layers of fear. Look inside to discover your true self and step into your own spotlight. Guess what it is a good feeling. The first step of the above process is goal setting. Take 15 minutes with a notebook and write down everything you want to achieve. Keep it positive and keep it possible. Look at your list. Select the most burning desire and write down as many ways as you can think of to reach that goal. Once your list is exhausted and this should fill an A4 page. I want you to look at the most possible and work on that over the next month. You will be amazed at what you can achieve.

In case you were wondering these are exactly the steps I have walked many clients through and the steps Joy takes the girls through in my book. Lattes, Laughter and Lipstick.

Dont get caught in a rut, step out form behind all that is not you and reveal the true you. If you want a hand just call me on 0414 339 113

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