Finding the right balance of your clothing with your face

Ever wondered why some clothes and jewelry look great and others just don’t suit? It could be as simple as the balance is all off. Watch this to see how to create the perfect balance in your outfits.

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Hi, It’s Clare Maxfield and I am going to share with you how (to) exactly (find the) right balance points in your clothing for your face. And this works for men as well as for women.

So, first thing’s first – you need to know your first balance point. And that is the point that is leveled from the top of the forehead, see here to your chin. And I always look in the mirror… and myself like this… and down again.

Look, the top sitting exactly at the right point. Yes, I know! I set this up purposely, but I always look at this. So if this came down a lot lower, which it could, aside from the fact that I would be… half of my cleavage would be in there, it just wouldn’t have the same balance with my top.

So, for ladies, this is great for necklines, this is great for maybe jacket closings and it is also great for jewelry.

The other thing to work out with jewellery is that some other people thinks it needs to be exactly the mid-way point, but that’s kind of for me, in no man’s land because the second balance point is from the widest point of your face across to the bottom of your chin and then, it’s from where the top of the neckline and across.

And you can always tell the top of your neckline. When you put a chain around your neck, it’s the spot that the chain sits on.

So, it doesn’t matter whether I got very square shoulders or very angled shoulders – It’s always at the top of the neckline. I’ve got a slightly angled shoulder. Just pop the chain… and there we go.

Now, a lot of guys seem to think… “Well, what is this? I don’t wear necklaces.”

  • A: It works for you for jumpers.
  • B: Also, it works for you… if you guys are getting your suit made and you’ve got your lapels… now, as we can see here, if you have a lapel coming out here, you might have your first and the double lapel, coming out… that’s a good spot for you or just having some point on your jacket, that will work for you equally as well, for the guys.

So, today, I shared with you how to tell your first and second balance points are and how to make them work for your clothes.

If you want to know more about what suits your face, ladies, you can also download my face shapes: Every Woman’s Guide to face shapes which I’ve got attached down here.

And for the guys, I’m going to be doing a “What Suits Your Face shape Guide” very soon. So, look out for it.

Bye for now. Clare Maxfield here, from Clare Maxfield Image.