Gift Giving by Personality

Want to know what to buy someone – Get to know their personality and buy the gift that fits.

Hi, it’s Clare Maxfield and I thought I’d share with you some tips on “Gift Giving By Personality” because at this time, we are often looking for gifts for people.

Either people we know really well or other people we don’t or we barely know at all. So if you have an insight into their personality, which, kind of by the way, you can tell by the way they dress, you can have an idea often of the kind of gifts that suit them.

Now, I have been doing a lot of talking with different groups on the etiquette of gift giving and a lot of etiquette people out there will say “never buy gift certificate”. (i really meant to say a gift Card here).

Well, I am going to flip that on its head because sometimes the gift certificates (gift cards) is the best gifts you can give someone and especially if you are talking about a man. They love the gift certificate (card) because they say they never get to go shopping for themselves.

So if you are talking about buying a gift for a man, unless you’re talking about the romantic, generally a gift certificate (card) is ideal.

But, I thought I would go through very quickly what the 7 Personalities will like.

1st: Classic – Now, you’ll know the classic person, this is the guy or girl at work who continually wears very traditional style clothing. They are very traditional – the way they are thinking and they do like traditional gifts.

So the classics are going to like traditional things like chocolates, wine (male or female). Now, if they are women, a hand cream. Probably like L’Occitane. (make sure it is a) good brand.

And for books, they might like something like a cooking book, a garden book or a novel.  So that is something for your Classic.

2nd: Creative – Now your creative person. This is the person that is a little bit wild, a little bit wacky and just a little bit different to everyone at work.  So, they are going to love creative style gifts.

They are going to love something that is hand-made, something that is maybe quite artisan. These are people you can go to the markets often and shop for because they will like these really different pieces.

If you are thinking about a book for them, you might want to get… so there’s something that’s a cooking book but it’s going to be a cooking book with a difference. So, you know, small dinner party, cocktail party bites and really interesting ways of cooking.

They do like craft things because they are often quite crafty and they like modern novels.  And if it is a woman, a hand cream that is a little bit different – a little bit quirky.

3rd: Dramatic – Now, our next personality is the Dramatic. You are going to know that person when they walk in the office or when they are in your life because they love to stand out from the crowd. They like to be noticed.

So, when buying gifts for them – wines or champagnes, they will love you!

If it’s a woman, a hand cream,  are you noticing a theme here? You know there are a lot of women who love hand creams. So they are going to like something like a Mecca, or something like a really cutting edge brand. If you are looking for accessories for them, they would like something that is big and bold. Earrings, it can be something small or big. Now, I do something dramatic jewellery pieces but I do them in my coloring but that’s my side.

For books for them, they might like cooking books but you know what, go google in your area who are the top chef’s and the top restaurants and see what cookbooks they have because they would love that. They love fashion, they love celebrity. So that is how you go shopping for your Dramatic.

4th: Romantic – Now, Romantic. And for romantic female species, they are quite feminine. They are very old school.

Romantic male, he is quite old school again. They love soft clothing, their hair is a little bit longer and a little bit softer. For the woman, she loves a hand cream, she loves champagne. Something that is a little bit more feminine.

For the male, he would like a good wine. He would also like a good cook book and the female would like something like Nigella Lawson’s “How to be Domestic Goddess”. They will love that.

Romance novels, anything that’s got a little bit of sentimentality to it is just going to rock the romantic worlds.

6th: Natural – And our next personality is the Natural. Now, you are going to know this person. This is your no fuss person in the office.

The woman – rarely wears heels, often in pants. The guy, he just hates wearing a suit.

So, gifts for them, the Natural male will love the gift card to the hardware store or the auto store or the nursery. Anything that they can use their hands for, they will love it.

For the woman, again, wines work with these people. They do love their wines. If you are buying a woman a hand cream, she’s going to love something that has shea butter in it and natural packaging.

They don’t mind a good old donation for a cause, they are often cause driven.

And for their books, if you are going to buy cookbooks, it’s going to be about clean eating, clean living type of book, healthy lifestyle and anything that is DIY is really going to work for your natural.

7th: Rebellious – And last but not the least, we have the Rebellious personality out there. So what do you get them?

This is a person that’s either got loads of tattoos or only one sneaky one.  So, for them, they might like a spirit over a wine but again, check with them.  It might be good full bodied wine – Martini mix kits and they might go “Oh! That’s a little bit sissy!” Hand creams! Now, the Tokyo Milk Company hand cream for the women, they are going to love it.

For their accessories, have a look at what they might be doing, it might be something that is a little bit subversive in nature or maybe it has a rose or skull or something on it. Not overt but subversive.

And if you want to get them a book, anything that is of Art Deco in design, fashion or lifestyle is generally is something they will go like “this is really cool!”

But then you might be sitting there and wondering “how do I know what my personality is just like someone else’s? Well, you know what? I’ve got some quizzes on my website.

The links are just here to the guys and the girls and find out what your personality is, find out what your friend’s personality is and go and have some fun because the best thing about buying a gift for someone is buying a gift that they want and letting them know that you’ve thought about it. So have some fun!

Personality Quiz for Women

Personality Quiz for Men

You’ve got some fun times coming up and I hope you’ve enjoyed my little Gift Giving by Personality video. Bye for now.