Home Style Dressing

Stay at Home Style Dressing


Not everything you do has to be about dressing for the office.

Some days you just want to know what you should look for to be comfortable at home. Or, it might be that you are working from home, are looking after children or just don’t want to be bothered with formal workwear.

The biggest risk is falling into the trap of wearing yoga pants every day, even when you have never done yoga in your life. But they are comfortable. Who knows, one day you might start.

When putting this chart together, what I did realise that casual clothing really comes down to your personality much more than a specific style. So looking at the personality pages might be helpful. For now though, this capsule will get you through 6 weeks roughly of wearing something different every day.

All of the tops will go with all of the jackets and all of the pants. A couple fo te sun frocks can also be worn with the jeans and capris as well. Probably the least versatile piece is the yellow sun dress but when you consider it can be worn with the denim jacket and the teal trench, as well as many of the shoes to dress it up and down. It can be worn in a multitude of ways. This is not a page of glamour looks, what it is, is a page of easy to wear clothes that you can throw on, feel comfortable nad have a great day in.

Not everything has to be worn with heels or collars.

So settle in and make sure the clothes that you have lying around to worn at home make you feel as wonderful as the clothes you wear to worn and the clothes you wear out at night. NO one deserves to feel anything less than fabulous.

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