How do I dress a small short mid section

Short Mid – Section

Balanced with a short mid body

Balanced with a short mid body by claremaxfield featuring a long sleeve blouse

When you measure your body you are going to discover, that if you break your body down into 4 sections. Section 1, head to bust, section 2 bust to break of leg, section 3 break of leg to knee and section 4 knee to floor. You are going to discover you are proportionally longer from your head to bust and knee to floor than you are from bust to leg break and leg break to knee. Or in other words, you are short in the middle of your body.

You may feel tall, you could also be slender, but are confounded as to why high waisted jeans crawl up under your breasts and skirts always seem long on you.

You see, you are technically balanced, from your head to your leg break will be the same length as your leg break to the ground.

What you need to do is skip over your middle. Dresses will be great on you, as will tops over your trousers and bring focus to your feet and face with great earrings and shoes.

So what if you truly are balanced?


You can really wear whatever you like. There is nothing to do here to balance anything out.

All that you might feel like doing is using some of the elements from the short legged dressing strategies to make your legs or yourself look and feel taller.

I find with clients like this that I move straight from this step into looking at each and every one of the individual element of their body and more importantly their personality to start making clothing recommendations for them.

Therefore to give you something to think about. I have included here a selection of ideas to make you look taller and slimmer.

To work out your body shape in more detail do this quiz.