How to create moods with colour

Colour Your Moods


The colours that you wear can influence how people feel about you and the mood that they perceive you to be in.
Whilst these images are relating to women’s clothing the combinations hold true for men as well.
Dramatic and dynamic moods suit bold colours worn in a high contrasting manner. This mood makes you want to stand out in a colourful and vibrant manner.
The person whose mood wants them to command attention, to take control will wear black, often in a double breasted pseudo-military manner with gold or silver buttons. They will wear deep and dark or metal accessories. There will be little to no colour to their outfit with the exception of white.
When your mood is elegant and sophisticated you do not feel the need to be showy. Your colours will be neutral and medium toned.
When your mood is playful you will feel very comfortable in jackets with cute or colourful, even childish imagery on them.
A romantic mood will find you looking for low contrast and pastel outfits where shades of medium blue, or pink are visible.
A playful mood will find the person wearing loads of colours.
When your mood is earthy and relaxed you will look for colours which speak of nature in a heavier form than the elegant mood would wear nad finally to be fre3ndly and welcoming wear mid-density colours with lighter brighter accents. Not quite as romantic as mood above it, but it is subdued and makes everyone feel at home.


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