How to Dress for Success and Claim it as a Tax Deduction

SSUCv3H4sIAAAAAAAEAJ2RTY6EIBCF95PMHQxrTUQcxL5Kpxcl1BgydJMIOpkY7978aMJ6dtT3eFS9Yv/8qCoygdOS3Ko9VqHWxqzOL+C1fQXc1idHpb1dNJgIIzuSQpwHvzp08YkTSfA4h7sZnv6rzz3X1SUkMTiCREhdMLdOiV3oqP/tzIfHFQVmfMm/NHARZEGDkIOcMxLVIUMKfdP243fTD61ogNKvBhjr+YSTGgRPXfLT5OfX4/IsV7FphbaoYVXaFlvZrAQTDayYRIYPsM/CpcJCYyLKWiG6sRu4EJwLOg6h+/EGzGX6Q8gBAAA=Last week I was chatting with a networking colleague, You know how there are always loads of networking ‘friends’ who you meet at various functions. These are the people who you know their faces, you may even know their names, but you don’t really know each other well, until you get that first event that you sit next to each other and really get to natter.

She said she was pleased to grab the seat next to mine as she had always wanted to ask me about what she should do about her wardrobe, but didn’t want to make a deal about it, or bring others into the conversation. Yep, I knew exactly how she felt. How we dress can be a really private matter. The majority of my clients are introverts and really don’t want other people knowing that I am helping them. It is also not something I bring up with people unless they bring it up with me.

I really felt her pain though as she explained to me in detail how shopping for her work and even her social wardrobe filled her with dread. She hated the hours she spends looking at the shops and not knowing if what she is trying on really suits her, or if the girl is just trying to make a sale.  Again I could feel her pain as I too have come out of the changing room in something, which I discovered in the light of the shop, was hideous on me, only to be told how amazing I looked. Luckily I don’t fall for that old chestnut.

My colleague though is not as confident so she told me she just doesn’t shop. As it is too frustrating. At that point I kind of felt like cinderella’s fairy god-mother. I explained how with just 12 simple pieces she can have a whole season of outfits. Imagine, getting it all updated in one amazing swoop. A couple of jackets, a few trousers and a dress or skirt and 6 or so blouses and her work wardrobe is all done. By spicing it up with accessories she doesn’t have to wear the same thing twice in any month. It takes a bit of planning on my part to locate where everything might be but in 9 times out of 10, the entire shop is complete within two hours.

Then I also added the cherry on top. As she is client facing in her job, consultations with me are tax deductible. Yep, she can claim me in this year’s return. I am a personal presentation coach. I have had it checked in the past, and of course, anyone considering claiming a consultation should double check with their accountant, but mine says it is still fine.

My main point, though, is that you do not have to a) spend a lot of money to look professional nor b) do you have to have an extensive wardrobe to look successful. It can be done easily and simply in about 12 pieces.

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