How to dress long and short legs

If you look carefully at these bodies you will see that even though they are the same height they are all different body proportion types.

I find with many people that if they have their proportions correct then everything else is easy to work with.

This image shows how each of the bodies differ. Whilst each girl is of the same height. Notice how her waist is level at different parts of her arm.Clare Maxfield bodies

Green lines indicate even or long sections. Red lines indicate short sections.

Long Legged Tips

Long legged women's style


You are going to want to create some balance between your torso and your legs so  that your focus will be on your face while showing how long your legs are.

They can wear long necklaces, tops over your trousers and patterned trousers and skirts to great effect. If they have exceptionally long legs beware of tucking shirts in too tight and having your pants appear to be under your armpits. Unfortunately, this will happen with time as our spines shrink and we all know an older friend or relative who totters along with their skirts tucked in under their bust line.

Wearing tops just longer than your skirt or pants will balance your body and even lowering your belt loops can help achieve a visibly longer torso.

Finally, small framed short waisted women may like to try the petites range of clothing to get a fabulous fit in your clothing. Only look for items to wear on the top half of your body. Remember the longer your shirts are the greater the chance that you can throw your look out of balance. 

The proportionally long waisted person will have shorter legs. Your main focus should be on tops. Your trousers will always be too long and tops will never be long enough. A girlfriend commented once how all of her pants are too short in the waist and if it isn’t her underwear showing it is a draft up her back.

Short Legged Tips

Short legged women's style


The long-waisted person may be envious of her girlfriend’s long legs but time is great at evening the balance and while our spines are shrinking, our long-legged friends will definitely have their waistbands in their armpits and we will have morphed into a balanced body. Until that time we will have to keep the focus high on our body and away from our legs.

The main style tips for the long-waisted short legged person is not to create too many lines or breaks from the waist down. That will only accentuate the overall length of your torso in comparison with your legs. Avoid shoes with ankle straps, any breaks between your pants and shoes, your boots and skirts and do not wear low slung belts. Also cuffs on your pants will bring the eye down and make you appear shorter.

If you have a good figure tucking your clothes in will accentuate your waist and bring the focus up to your waist.

These tips and many more are in my workbook about how to dress your personal assets. Legs, bum, bust, belly and even noses. You can find yours here.

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