How to Dress Long or Short Legs

The majority of clients that I meet will want to look taller and all slimmer. Dressing to make the most of your leg length, especially if your legs are shorter, will make you look both taller and slimmer.

Many people don’t realise that the length of their legs has a huge impact on how they look in their clothing. I created this short video will so you can

a) work out exactly whether you have short or long legs

b) know exactly how to dress to make the most of your legs and make your body look balanced.

If you measure yourself and you discover that there is a difference of less than an inch or 2 cm between your upper body and your legs, then I would consider you balanced. When you are balanced i.e. your legs and your upper body to include your head is roughly the same size then the elements that we discuss in this video will have little importance to you.

A rule of thumb for the person with longer legs if that they will look better in longer skirts, longer jackets and longer necklaces. You should wear plain tops and interesting skirts trousers and shoes for maximum impact.

The person with shorter legs is going to look best in short skirts, shorter jackets and short necklaces. You are going to look best in plain shoes, trousers and skirts with all your patterning on your tops. Keep the eyes up a high.

Whilst men do not wear skirts or necklaces generally the rules are still the same. If you have shorter legs with plain trousers with a horizontal or checked striped tops. while the long legged gentleman is going to great impatience trousers, interesting shoes and plain or vertical striped tops.

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