How to dress the Champagne Woman

Champagne Body Shape - AKA rectangle, but who wants to be a brick!
Champagne Body Shape – AKA rectangle, but who wants to be a brick!

The Champagne woman is also commonly referred to as the rectangle, the willow, the brick, the I and having a boyish figure. As you will know from an earlier article of mine, I like to think of her as a champagne glass, long, fluted and bubbly.

Here are my top tips to dressing yourself if this is your silhouette.

You have a straight boyish figure. You are either tall and lean with very little shape to your body or of average height, with a small bust and no discernible waist. To some, it may even appear thick.

Some woman love their shape and others feel that they are quite shapeless and unfeminine.

Interestingly designers often design clothing for this body shape and a majority of catwalk models will be the leaner version of this shape. The late Princess Diana was the epitome of this shape.

Often women with this shape will want to create a greater appearance of a waist. These women, if they are slender, may often wear a padded bra, or go to the extreme of getting a bust enhancement to create shape in their body.

The following tips will give you the secrets to creating curves, without going to the extreme of surgery.

First Steps:

  • Your body is made up of straight lines – avoid anything that is overly fitted into a small defined waist. It will make your hips look heavy and you will be uncomfortable.
  • Colour blocking top and bottom will define your waist.
  • Jackets with straighter lines will suit you better than overly fitted jackets.
  • Peplums will give you added shape at your hips.
  • Belts can be worn to create the illusion of a waist.

Spring Summer 

Champagne Woman - The Rctangle


What you will notice here in the seasonal styles is the use of the straight lines through out the body.

In the warmer seasons, dresses without any defined waist are perfect.

There is an example above of colour blocking above the waist to create a waist illusion or using pattern to do the same again.

Skirts that are straight are preferable to those with loads of flounces, frills and gathers.

In the cooler months, you can belt up your jackets, wear longer line boxy jackets, or use collars or pattern again to give shoulder definition.

Casual Style

Champagne woman casual style


Have some fun. You are going to be a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl with your shape. If that is not your style then patterned pants and shift dresses as well as maxi’s will be great in your wardrobe.

Belts can create the illusion of a waist as long as you avoid heavily gathered or shaped skirts and trousers.

In your case a belt will be purely ornamental, especially if it is with a dress.

In case you are wondering what shape you are. Do the body shape quiz.

Look out for the next articles on the other 5 body shapes – The Cocktail Woman, The Martini Woman, The Margarita Woman, The Red Wine Woman and the White Wine Woman. I’d love to hear your thoughts on their shapes.


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