How to dress the Cocktail Woman

You have a figure that many women envy. You have a medium to full bust, a small waist and hips that are in balance with your shoulders. Funnily

Cocktail Glass Body shape, is the woman with a defined waist AKA the hourglass shape,
Cocktail Glass Body shape, is the woman with a defined waist AKA the hourglass shape,

enough, whilst many women dream of this shape and designers might exaggerate this shape, it can be a tough shape to dress as it is easier to make clothing for a straighter figure.

Variations of your shape can be the woman who has a very small gap from ribs to hips. To test this, stand up. Feel where your bottom rib is and then feel where the top of your hip bone is. If this gap is less than your hand span, you might find it easier to dress as a rectangle as your waist is less defined and is not apparent. If the gap is your hand width or more, your waist will be defined and your will most probably have a long torso. I’ll explain more about this later. Let’s just say, you can go to town playing up your waist and top half of your body.

First Steps:

  • Your body is made up of curves. Embrace them and stop hiding them
  • Avoid anything too boxy
  • Jackets with shaped seams to show off your curves are ideal.
  • If your widest point is your high hip you can wear straight skirts, if it is your thigh, opt for A-Line skirts.
  • You look great in belted dresses
  • Tuck your tops in to showcase your waist

Spring Summer Style

Cocktail woman spring summer style


During the warmer months you can afford to show off your shape and, if you still have good arms, short sleeved and sleeveless dresses and tops will be staples for you.

Clothing that is shaped will suit you the best to highlight your waist.

Tucking in your tops or wearing belted or shaped dresses will suit you the best. Anything too blousey, by that I mean full around the middle, will hide your shape.

Casual Style

The Cocktail shaped woman - casual style


From vamping it up in waist hugging dresses to expressing your inner hobo in jeans and casual tops. Your casual style will be comfortable and quite feminine without even trying.

If femininity is not your thing, don’t hide your shape in shapeless clothing, just keep your colours more natural and your accessories more grounded.

In case you are wondering what shape you are. Do the body shape quiz.

If you missed it you can read about the other 5 body shapes here –  The Champagne Woman, The Martini Woman, The Margarita Woman, The Red Wine Woman and the White Wine Woman. I’d love to hear your thoughts on their shapes.


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