How to dress the Margarita Woman

Your figure has been made by man or made by God. The most noticeable part of your physique is your breasts. For some of you, this is an investment.

Margarita Body Shape - This woman was made by man or made by God. She has a prominent bust.
Margarita Body Shape – This woman was made by man or made by God. She has a prominent bust.

Something you are extremely proud of and want to show to the world. For those of you who were born this way, it is highly likely you are tired of being defined by your breasts. You will be focused on playing them down. You have great hips and legs, They are your pride and joy and the area you wish to play up.

Generally, your only figure variation is that as you put on weight you will become heavier all over. You do not really morph into another shape.

The women who I have met who have this shape naturally are happiest when they have softer lines on the upper half of their body and sharper crisper elements to their clothing below their waist.

First Steps:

  • Avoid anything too boxy
  • Jackets need to be shaped into your body
  • skirts which are slightly A-Line will balance you out.
  • You look great in separates
  • When wearing loose tops have them finish about your waist so that you can see the shape it forms from under your bust line.

Spring Summer

Margarita style -spring summer


Whatever you do, make sure your waist can be viewed, if not directly, then peeking out from under a top. V-Necks will make your bust appear smaller.

Casual Style

Margarita Woman -Casual Style


While you may be downplaying your shape at work. On the weekend slip on those skinny jeans, mini skirts or anything which you feel is fun. Start to utilise jewellery to move your focal points around your body.

In case you are wondering what shape you are. Do the body shape quiz.

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