How to dress the Martini Woman

Martini Body Shape, AKA the inverted triangle woman. Your shoulders are your broadest feature.
Martini Body Shape, AKA the inverted triangle woman. Your shoulders are your broadest feature.

The Martini woman is so called because her shoulders are the broadest element of her silhouette.

Some women will adore them, others will feel that   they are a curse. For the purposes of this body shape explanation, I’ll share with you how to downplay your shoulders and soften that line.

Variations of your shape might be that as you gain weight, especially if you are short legged, you will thicken at the hips and if your waist stays small you may morph into the rounded cocktail glass.

First Steps:

  • To soften your shoulder line avoid any decoration up there. Which includes epaulets, frills or peaked shoulders.
  • Your shape is generally considered more angular, play with angles in your outfits.
  • Balance your shoulders with flared trousers or A-line skirts.
  • Longer necklaces will take the focus away from your shoulders, as will contrasting shoes.
  • You will find knit tops or sleeveless easier to wear than classic woven shirts.

Spring Summer

Martini woman - spring summer style


During the warmer months you can afford to show off your shape and, if you still have good arms, short sleeved and sleeveless dresses and tops will be staples for you.

You will find it easier to wear halter necks and open sleeves rather than fitted sleeve dresses. Dropped sleeves will soften your shoulders.

Fuller skirts and flared trousers will balance your figure out.

Casual Style 

Martini Woman casual style


To dress your look into something more casual, longer earring and necklaces can change your look and refocus attention away from your shoulders.

Look for ways to create balance below your bust line by using horizontal stripes or fuller designs.

In case you are wondering what shape you are. Do the body shape quiz.

If you missed it you can read about the other 5 body shapes here –  The Champagne Woman, The Cocktail WomanThe Margarita Woman, The Red Wine Woman and the White Wine Woman. I’d love to hear your thoughts on their shapes.


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