How to dress the Red Wine Woman

Ruby Red Wine, is full bodied and luscious. Better than an O shape or a round shape anyday, if you ask me.
Ruby Red Wine, is full bodied and luscious. Better than an O shape or a round shape anyday, if you ask me.

The Red Wine Woman is also known and referred to as an oval, round, an O. I like to think of her like red wine, full-bodied and luscious.

Ruby Red and Whilemina White were the only two glass shapes to be given first names. For some reason these two women became more alive to me as I developed them than the others. I apologise to you now, if you are one of the other shapes. Please do not feel that this diminishes your shape at all. Ruby Red was developed as I was enjoying a glass of a beautiful red wine. I was sitting at dinner with a friend, discussing body shapes and I was complaining that I hated that people used fruit. It was at that moment I picked up my glass and said, like, this shape, this glass is filled with a full bodied luscious red wine and with that Ruby Red Wine was born. Frankly,who wouldn’t want to be full-bodied and luscious.

Having said that it is now to dress you. Theses are the basics for you.

First Steps:

  • Clothing which falls from the shoulder
  • Medium size and density prints
  • Softly structured jackets
  • Nothing tapered, tucked in or belted at your waist
  • Don’t think large must equal shapeless.
  • Monochromatic -one colour – outfits are wonderful
  • Be wary of anything which droops or drags. ensure your clothes still fit you. Correct length is most important to you. It is very important you dress for your proportions

Spring Summer Style

Rub Red Wine spring summer style


Depending upon how much you like your arms, you may like to wear shift dresses, loose tops and capri trousers or something with a small sleeve. Whatever you do, avoid anything which has a pattern or design feature which falls on the widest point of your body.

Casual Style

Ruby Red wine woman casual style


I find blue very relaxing and therefore very casual. In this set I have shown that by adding some bright fun jewellery you can dress up or dress down any outfit. Aside from the ripped jeans, which will remain casual everything else can move with your mood.

Jewellery will compliment and keep you feeling smart and in vogue.

In case you are wondering what shape you are. Do the body shape quiz.

If you missed it you can read about the other 5 body shapes here –  The Champagne Woman, The Cocktail Woman, The Martini Woman, The Margarita Woman and the White Wine Woman. I’d love to hear your thoughts on their shapes.


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