How to Dress Your Personality Style during Spring Carnival in Melbourne in the Members Enclosure.

At this time of year Melbourne and, in fact over many parts of Australia and the world, we start thinking about horse racing. The Victorian Spring carnival is one of the premier racing events on the global racing calendar and I personally love it.

It is an exciting time and there is nothing more exciting than being invited into a corporate box or into the members. If you haven’t been invited before it is wise to know a few key points.

Gentlemen, in the members you must wear a suit and tie. So in my image below, you will see my natural style man is under-dressed – he really does need a tie.

Ladies, hats are giving away to smaller fascinators and headbands, but you really want to wear something on your head to finish your race outfit. Colour makes the day fun and whilst you can wear trousers, you wouldn’t wear jeans and consider what heels you are wearing as walking across the grass or through the car parks can be disastrous to shoes and feet.


Melbourne Spring Carnival - Dressing the personalities


When deciding upon your outfit, it doesn’t matter if you start with the outfit or the hat. The choice is yours and whatever you do. Go and have some fun.
If choosing an outfit sounds all too hard, give me a call. I love dressing clients at this time of year.
Want to know more about your clothing personality style – try my personality quiz for men and women here.


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