How to know which necklines suit you

Necklines come in many shapes and sizes. Knowing what is ideal can be a challenge. This simple guide can have you thinking differently about which necklines really work for you, why and what to look for.


How to Choose the Right Necklines

Hi! And it’s Clare Maxfield here. And I am sharing with you today in the “What Suits My Face Shape Series”, what Necklines to wear.

So, I popped a little strapless top on, so, that gives me a better opportunity to pop on some necklines so you can really see how  different necklines can really affect the way your face looks.

So, what I’ve got here, these are something I made some years ago.

Round Neckline:  Here is a kind of a round one. See how it looks? Remember two sessions ago, I did, you know, balance points. So if it goes low or ideally it should work… even up here.  It’s not. I have a floating head now. There is no connection with that top.

Sharp V:  Now also remember how I was talking about in the “Shoe-Shape” one – sharp point, rounded points… Well, look at me, in a “Sharp V”, at the right spot.  That’s really no good. It doesn’t work with anything.

Soft V: Look what happens if I put this “Softer V” on. See how now, it’s time to get some harmony with my face and I’ve got it at the right neck-point. Remember, if I bring it on up too high – no good!  

So, I put it on the right point – and that’s the one that works for me.

Square Neckline: Now, next one I’ve got is a “Square Neckline”.  One thing I found when I put the square neckline is it actually brings out here, (points to cheekbone hollows) which is great if I didn’t have these… lines in my eyes.

But a square doesn’t really go as well, as it goes with the “Soften V”. As I find the soften V, brings (the eye to) this part of our face.(points to jawline) Happy with that!

Now, this one is one of my favourite one. So, this is a good old sweetheart. .. I’ll get it down here…so if you bring it out like that… Do you know what I noticed when I put this one on? Is it brings out this part, (points to fullness of cheeks) and brings out some nice lines. Now, if I bring it up higher… but still, not a great one.

Boat neck:  And then boat neck. Boat neck brings the eye to my shoulders, but does nothing for my face. But if I want to flaunt my shoulders, this is what I wear. And if you adjust just below the collar bone, it really brings the line out. If you have it up here, you kind of again become a floating head. And it all becomes about the top part.

Cowl Neck: And this is my favourite one. This is an example of Cowl Neck. Now to be honest, I find that a Cowl Neck really does suit most people. It really works well.

And if you wanted to, I can pop this under here and bring this up… and I have a halter neck. But it’s the Cowl Neck which is my personal favorite.

So, what I recommend you do is give me a call if you want. I’ve got a whole lot of necklines here to come work with, but go out and try different necklines. See what works for you, and see what will bring out your cheeks, side real line. Make sure that you are not looking at the fabric, the print, that you are looking at you.

And once you know what neckline suits, everything else just adds to what’s suiting your face and making you look fantastic.

Remember, If you want, there’s a free Faceshape – “Every Woman’s Guide to Face Shapes” download, you can get. The link is below.

And for the guys, yours is coming out in 2017. Hope you enjoyed today’s It’s Clare Maxfield and “What Suits My Face.