How to tell if you have long or short legs

One of the main elements that I focus on when I’m advising my client on how to dress is to decide whether their legs are longer or shorter than their upper body and then how to make the most of this asset.

Ideally for women we like to look like we have longer legs or a least a balanced body. When it comes to men they have to be careful of the Harry High-pants effect yet they too want to have longer rather than shorter looking legs.

So the secret is in where you place your decoration but before we get to that I’m going to share with you a very simple method which you can do yourself measuring your legs to your torso. Let me start by saying that a photograph rarely gives you a correct reflection of yourself. Generally it is taken from above which makes your face better and your legs look shorter or is taken from below which will make your body a lot longer than it really is. If you wish to take a photograph of yourself in front of the mirror you need to hold the camera at waist height. The simpler solution is to stand against a wall with a small sticky note, or sticky flag in your hand. Feel where the break in your leg is and place the sticker on the wall and then place another level with the top of your head. If you’re wearing trousers it is easiest as it is level with the top of the inside seam. A balanced body is someone whose other and lower bodies are the same lengths or within 1.5 inches or 4 cm.

If you have a balanced body your clothing choices will be decided by your personality and other assets of your body.

The things to consider if you have longer legs are that theplaces with most colour, decoration and focus should be on your lower body. Therefore you can wear longer jackets, longer necklaces, longer skirts, shoes with detail, patterned trousers, patterned skirts and a host of other elements that bring more focus and interest in your outfit to your legs.

Now if you have shorter legs your focus must be on your upper body. Therefore you want to wear shorter necklaces, shorter skirts, shorter jackets, patterned tops, patterned jackets, plain trousers, plain skirts, shoes which blend with your trousers and hosiery, playful necklaces and anything which brings the focus and interest to your upper body.

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