How to use Analagous Colours in Fashion

Analagous colour schemes


Analogous Fashion

Analogous refers to three colours that sit side by side on the colour wheel. You can start anywhere, just ensure the other colours in your outfit are from  neighbouring colours.

You will notice in the middle dress and 4th outfit extra colour. When a colour is less than 20% of any pattern it can be ignored.

The first dress has the colours blue, blue-green and green in it.

The second dress is red, red-orange and orange.

The 3rd dress is violet, red-violet and red.

The 4th dress is orange-yellow, yellow, yellow-green and even flows one colour further to green,

The last outfit is green, yellow-green and finally yellow.

Can you see how when it is not in a print it can be a bit clunky to work with.

So, I hear you asking why is this important and when would it work for me?

Good Question.

Blonde-haired,  green-eyed people will find this a very complementary colour scheme.  It really isn’t that commonly found but if you have that colouring, this will work well for you as it suits people with high colour contrast. To read more about colour contrast, I wrote a post on that earlier and you can find it here.

The colouring of your personal features will have an impact on how much or how little colour you should wear at any given time. The more ‘colourful’ your colouring is, the more colour you should wear to look your best and healthiest at all times.

The better we look, the more educated we appear, the more intelligent and the more people want to get to know you. Yes, it is very superficial, but sometimes you just need a helping hand to get through the noise that is everyone else around you.


To learn more about colour and how it works with your colouring read my Every Woman’s Guide to Personal Colour

If this seems like fun and you want to know more you can always have a colour consultation with me to discover your own true colours and how to make your image shine

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