Interview with Chris Ilsley Perth 6PR – Teaching boys to open doors

What should we teach him

Some time ago I wrote the following article and it was picked up and discussed last night with Chris Ilsley on 6PR Perth radio.

You can listen to the full 30-minute interview here.


You can read the article now as well.
It was brought to my attention that some schools have brought in etiquette lessons for children. Yeah, finally this is something I am all for. School should be equally about teaching skills both academic and life.

However, and don’t you just love that word, it is a negative wrapped up in a nicety. However, they are teaching boys to open doors for girls. I want to ask. ‘Are they also teaching girls to open doors for boys should they arrive at the door first?” Or are they breeding a new era of princesses who will stand around a door waiting for doors to be opened for them.

Don’t get me wrong, I love it when a door is opened for me and I will always thank the person no matter where or when. It may also have been an all male school this education is occurring at, so therefore it does make sense that they are teaching the boys to respect girls. I would love to hear though that schools are educating students in the art of respect. Respect for their elders, respect for their friends and respect for those how they do not know or who are different from them. Just Respect.

It does amaze me when I hear stories of men who get lambasted for opening a door for a woman, can she not acknowledge a human kindness? Can we not be respectful to everyone around us. The times I have grabbed a door swinging shut in my face with a retort from the person in front, “oh I thought you would grab it”. Clearly because I have arms and you do not.

So, should we teach boys to open doors for girls? Yes, only as long as we teach girls to open doors for boys as well and teach the children of today that the most fundamental quality they should have is respect for all.

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