Interview with Glenn Ridge 3MP – discussing Body Language

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G: 7 to 10. Just for the information of our IT people here at 3MP at the moment, the only reason I’m Googling into Ashley Madison and delving into the website is for professional purposes and research.

Our next guest, from a professional point of view, I want to ask her about it. Clare Maxfield, our Image Professional. How are you Clare?

C: Alright Glenn.

G: You’re gone into shock haven’t you?

C: Totally unexpected but here we go.

G: Ashley Maddison – What do you know about it? ‘Coz it was hacked recently and the website I believe is for people who want to have affairs.

C: So I’ve heard.

G: According to this… Again, I only research and so I’m on it at the moment.

And what have you heard about all that? That’s quite bizarre really, isn’t it?

C: Well, I suppose from a professional point of view, it’s ahh… If you’re going to put your details anywhere, you can expect… you know… you want to put them to a site that is safe.

Now, the only thing I’ve ever had to do with the whole Ashley Maddison site was when I was sitting next to someone who opened his laptop and when going through is E-mails and there was a slew of Ashley Maddison emails in his inbox.

G: Not a lot of slew

C: A lot of slew. And all of a sudden, I say “Right!” Clearly now I know what you’re up to.

G: So it’s a case, I want to have an affair, I want to stay married, and I go to Ashley Maddison to find someone and have an affair.

C: That’s what I believe that is.

G: Yeah. Ah, alright! I’ll have to look further into that later on.

C: I’m going to leave that one right with you

G: Can we talk about Body Language?

C: I think that is a lot better.

G: You wanted to talk about that didn’t you? Particularly based around Mick Fanning.

C: Well, I did because we have all watched during the week in horror and fear that moment when the shark come along and you can see him, you know, cruising along on his board and then you can read exactly what is going through his head as he’s scrambling up the board and then the wave comes along.

No one knows what is going along. But we’ve all read his body language. We know he is not happy about what he is seeing, he is trying to get out of the water as much as he can. We know exactly what he is thinking.

G: But even the interview at the end too.

C: Yes.

G: He really didn’t need to say a lot.

C: No.

G: I think the way he showed and he performed obviously knocked him around enormously.

C: I think it will knock him around enormously for a while.

G: What about some of the ones that if we’re not being attacked by a shark, but maybe in the office or something like that.

What are some of the things that you are aware of that we should be aware of which is obviously body language. Things with the way we act… you know… thoughts away.

C: Oh look, there are couple of them really. If you use your hands too much, you know a lot of Europeans use their hands

When people get nervous, they become over active. Their hands start to get everywhere, their eyes start darting all over the place or they might…

G: That sounds like the Ashley Maddison website.

C: Maybe they just got…

G: Sorry.

C: You’re just going to keep going back there aren’t you?

Uhmm… Or they will make no eye contact or too much eye contact. There are so much people do whether they are showing that they are uncomfortable.

G: The eye contact… I’m now purposely looking at you in the eye. How much too much eye contact?

C: There is actually a 80-20 rule. So if you are talking to one person one-on-one, you look at them roughly around 80% of the time and a away 20%…

G: Yeah…

C: …to give them time to think and… and work out what they are saying.

But if I just look at you 100% at a time, it’s really uncomfortable. See, you looked away.

G: Well, no, no, no. You are just idolising me. And I’m thinking “ah, you know what, I want to acknowledge that”.

C: Ceiling is really looking good right now.

G: Well, there is also another one – Watching the clock, which is interesting.

C: Well, watching the clock is like being in a party and looking at someone’s shoulder for someone more important really. Or someone who is more important or they just want to get away.

So, look at the person, engage, be in the moment, don’t be looking in your watch or clock…

G: And don’t be… Don’t be fake about it.

C: Don’t be fake about it.

G: Sometimes it’s really difficult when you have to talk to people and you have absolutely nothing in common.

So, what do you do then? Say Hi, bye?

C: No, no. You just keep asking them open ended question. This is always a game I do with people when I’m uncomfortable. I see how long I can get them to talk without me saying anything.

G: I do that. And I say “How’s your mother?” “She died last week” “Aww… Alright”

C: Was it a good funeral?

G: Oh, alright. Look I’m glad to hear your footy team… . I barrack for Melbourne. Ahh, God!

And then also you dug yourself in the hole, haven’t you?

C: Well then you ask them what anti depressants they are on and have they checked the Ashley Maddison site recently

G: Look at that. Sorry… We’ll catch you next week?

C: No, no, no. That would be in 2 weeks.

G: That’s in 2 weeks. Oh I can’t wait. And I’m looking at you in the eyes. I’m also looking at the clock.

C: I know you keep looking at the clock. See you Glenn.

G: Clare Maxfield, our Image specialist there. Google Clare Maxfield if you want to get her service.

And I’m not going to go anywhere on that one too.

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