Interview with Glenn Ridge 3MP – discussing Easter Etiquette – what to bring to a BBQ on good friday and what to expect


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Glenn Ridge: 14 to 10. One of my favourite ads on TV is the moment when the two couples meet in the supermarket and one lady says to the other lady- “come around, come and join us for a barby.” And she said, “don’t bring anything: and then as soon as she turns around, the guy says: “You bewdy, we don’t have to bring a thing.” And the wife says, “Can’t not bring anything.” So they take the Cadbury Favorites.

The reason I say this is Clare Maxfield, Image consultant who joins us every couple of weeks, is here so we can talk about that this morning.

Good morning Clare.

Clare Maxfield: Good morning Glenn .

Glenn Ridge: Can you go to someone’s place and not take anything?

Clare Maxfield: I don’t think so. I think if they are putting on a spread for you, you can at least return the favour by bringing them a small or large token. But generally, it’s just a token.

Glenn Ridge: As in chocolates or flowers or what?

Clare Maxfield: Chocolates, flowers, a bottle of wine. Ideally you should know the couple. And if you know them well, you know what the kind of wine they like to drink. So take a bottle of wine. And if they are non-drinkers, you might take a box of chocolates or you might have want to take a dessert or flowers. If you don’t really know them, take flowers with you.

Glenn Ridge: It’s a funny one, I’ve got a friend who whenever he invites people around for dinner, he insists no one take any. Wine for example. For example you can come in to my place for dinner. Then when he goes anywhere, he doesn’t take anything. He kind of think that- hang on, if it’s alright for me to supply everything to people to come to my home they can do the same to me. I don’t think he’s get invited to many places, I got to say.

Clare Maxfield: No, that’s interesting in theory and on sort of one side he’s right because he is living by his own ethos. But rarely, if ever, will ever turn up empty handed. Now I’ve got a friend, who, whenever I go over (to their place) they may have chosen the wines we’re having, so they’ll put my wine to the side. But I can tell you, the next time I go over, and it’s just maybe the two of us and not a party, they will bring out my wine.

So it’s not like I’m stocking up their wine cabinet but they know, if I bought it, it’s something I want to share with them and not something cheap from a dollar bin and so they save it for special occasion where it’s just, you know, us.

Glenn Ridge: Until they bring it back to your place, when they’re invited then you take it back to their place and your bottle of wine stays around for couple of years

Clare Maxfield: So we both have that bottle of wine for ten years.

Glenn Ridge: What about over Easter? We need to look at things like religious considerations too. For example you’re hosting a party, what should and shouldn’t we do?

Clare Maxfield: Well look, it’s one of those things, tomorrow is Good Friday so we know the Catholics of the world will be eating seafood, if you’re hosting a party and you’re planning to put chops and snags on the barby and steaks, find out if you’ve got maybe a catholic friend coming or you are catholic and you want to have to seafood, ask them just to say: “ look, I’m kind of avoiding meat tomorrow, It’s a one day of the year I don’t. Do you want me to bring something?” Some people will say: “it’s alright, we’ve got some prawns, we’re going to throw a shrimp on the barby” or they might say, if they want to… Either ways ask, don’t rock up then turn around to the host and go: “by the way, I’m not eating meat today, what have you got for me?” That just throws people into tail spin.

You will see the husband gets in the car and hightail it down to Coles to find you something to eat.

Glenn Ridge: Well I guess it goes from the point of view of not so much of vegetarians but lactose intolerant and all those sort of people who have conditions like that. It should always begin so as not to create an embarrassment, I guess.

Clare Maxfield: Completely. If you have a food allergy preference, a dietary requirement, if you are invited somewhere, let the host know before you go not after you have arrived.

Because there’s often very little they can do after you’ve arrived and a good host/ hostess will take, or you know, will make allowances for you and have something there but there is nothing worse than someone having a barbecue, you come in and say you’re a vegetarian, and all there is, is a green leaf salad over there.

You are embarrassed, they are embarrassed, save everyone.

Glenn Ridge: Unless you’re like the typical aussie bloke, we don’t get embarrassed easily, you know.

Clare Maxfield: The typical aussie.

Glenn Ridge: I would probably mock them.

Clare Maxfield: The typical aussie bloke just goes out and says here’s a sausage.

Glenn Ridge: That’s right. Actually, just on that from the host of a barbecue or function point of view over this time of the year, are there any do’s and don’ts do you reckon? What should we and shouldn’t we do?

Clare Maxfield: Well, considering its Easter, we’re often travelling and we should be aware of how much we have colleagues and friends are drinking, considering when you think of the last guests you just had on. So you make sure, you’re not plying your friends (with drink) so they are legless unless you go: “alright, I’m keeping the car keys.” And you’re getting a cab home and just make sure you have got some nice foods and wines there for everyone to enjoy.

Glenn Ridge: And don’t mock people.

Clare Maxfield: And don’t mock those that have chosen to celebrate the religious significance of Easter. I mean for many people, Easter is about hot cross buns and chocolate Easter eggs and maybe a chocolate bilby. But for some people, it is a very religious time. And you know, sometimes we often don’t know what is important to our friends, and this is the time when it can be… they might want to celebrate their religion, you know. So be nice. Be thoughtful and don’t give them a ribbing

Glenn Ridge: Unless he’s your brother-in-law. Surely I would have mock them anytime of the day.

Clare Maxfield: Our brother-in-laws, that’s what they come in to our family for. As soon as they sign that marriage certificate, it’s you are in there for ribbing for the rest of your natural life.

Glenn Ridge: But you have to do it. Now, what do you up to Easter, is there anything special?

Clare Maxfield: Ah look, I’m just catching up with friends, that’s what Easter normally means to me. I’ll be with the family on Sunday and tomorrow with friends and it’s just… for me it’s a time of being in the garden. Don’t ask me why. I love the garden over Easter . And the rest of the time I just like to sleep in and to see a few friends a few days.

Glenn Ridge: Yeah. And I reckon the best ad campaign is that Cadbury favourites because I love it now when they rolls up and they have a box of chocolates.

Clare Maxfield: Don’t you love it? It has just brought chocolates in to every house and that is a good thing.

Glenn Ridge: And I can’t believe how many people steal the cherry ripes in it too.

Clare Maxfield: Oh see, you’ll have the cherry ripes, I’ll be going for the Turkish Delights.

Glenn Ridge: You can take the Turkish Delights any time.

Clare Maxfield: We can share a box of chocolates well together.

Glenn Ridge: We’ll eat through it. Hey Clare, if anyone wants to utilize your services, what’s the best thing to find out about you?

Clare Maxfield: Easily, call me on the details at my website which is and I’m doing a lot of work with etiquette with graduates and with companies because you know, they have all these kids and they have great skills but are not getting jobs. So I thought that’s what we will talk about next time because these kids are getting law degrees and ending up barristers.

And I can make sure that when they do their interviews, they are shining.

Glenn Ridge: Okay, so they become highly educated barristers.

Clare Maxfield: Hopefully though they will be able to use the degree and the diploma and everything that they have

Glenn Ridge: Have a good Easter, Clare.

Clare Maxfield: You too, Glenn.

Glenn Ridge: Clare Maxfield there. It’s 7 to 10

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