Interview with Glenn Ridge 3MP – discussing Proper Greeting, Handshake and Job Hunting Tips

G: It’s 13 to 10. 1377 at 3MP and joining us is an Image Consultant and some of us, well, some of the others need as much hope as I can get. Alright, I too. Clare Maxfield.

How are you Clare?

C: Really well, Glenn.

G: Now Clare, I actually read the Herald Sun this morning and had a real chuckle one because of the idiot on the front page texting…

C: I get you.

G: Although you gotta put this on- he is a clown. I don’t know which page it is. I turned it on page 5. Have a listen to this. I got to tell you. Police in West Massachusetts, have had to issue a warning to people- stop getting drunk and chasing bears.

Not a good idea to get drunk and chase bears, you would imagine. This is the part Clare- The North Adams Police Department is urging everyone to not chase bears through the woods with the dull hatchet while drunk.

Yes, they really do that there.

C: What I’m trying to work out is that is it okay to do it with a sharp hatchet or?

G: Not a blunt one.

C: Not a blunt one.

G: Isn’t that funny?

C: It’s hilarious.

G: Now for your own means, that wouldn’t be a good one because although they’re…I mean being with 13 thousand people in that local town, that man is going to get the hell of a bagging for the rest of his life.

C: He is going to be named as the dull hatchet bearman for the rest of his life.It’s just one bear.

G: Just one bear. I heard that before too.

And now the other one. I would like take you a task if I can

C: uh-huh

G: Because you joined us just a couple of weeks ago and you were saying how it’s very important that you look your best when you go for a job.

C: Yes, I did say that. I said in fact, in many cases you’re going to earn more money the better you look.

G: And you should put photo in the CV sometimes.

C: Yes, I did.

G: There’s a report which just came out which has said, in fact, they are not recommending for pretty women or women in general to put pictures when they go on their CV because it can be to their detriment.

C: I did. . I read that article as well.

G: What do you reckon?

C: I actually have to say, It’s a hard one because I can see where they are coming from. And I get what they’re saying because there are some women out there that almost get pushed aside because their perceived, they are just too good looking.

If you are that good looking, you can’t be smart as well.

G: Is it a jealousy… Obviously it’s a jealousy thing.

C: I think there’s a jealousy thing and there’s a confidence thing, you know. It could be a man who’s maybe gotten trouble in the past. Maybe the eyes are a bit of a wanderer so he knows he better not have anyone attractive around him or the wife will be frowning on him, or you know, the company could just, you know, just end up in so much trouble.

G: He certainly could end up in trouble. That’s for sure. The other thing that is interesting too is that handsome men don’t have the same issue apparently.

C: No, we like handsome men around. And the thing is we often sort of think about, you know, quite often handsome man is generally not that intelligent so something to look at. Ohh, I’m sorry…

G: Oh, what do you mean?

C: I’m sorry stereotypes… You’re an exception Glenn. You are one of the exceptions.

G: Very glad.

C: But I think women do get a hard time. It even happened to me once.

Years ago, I thought I couldn’t go somewhere because of the way I looked

G: Oh, okay.

C: And I was most offended that I couldn’t go and help with this, you know (group), my girlfriend was part of a group and she said: “Oh no. You are too good looking?” Fair enough. I dont want them That wasn’t.

G: Well, that’s was a slap in the face compliment, backhanded compliment.

C: It was a backhanded compliment and I just sort of like, that’s a bit weird but I … It’s a fine line and I probably… I’d like to think that most women could put their photo on their application. It depends on the company they are going to apply for.

G: Well, the interesting thing also is that if it links back to facebook and all that sort of thing, let’s face it , most people know when they are hiring someone, automatically they go to facebook and check them out I would imagine.

C: They can go to facebook when they are younger. The higher up, they got LinkedIn. And in LinkedIn, you got to have your profile photo there anyway. That’s sort of business to business is LinkedIn.

G: Yeah

C: And it’s there. But as you said, they can go to facebook or if it’s someone who’s being invisible, you just google them.

You put your own name and then under the images tab you are going to get so many different photos that maybe have come from facebook or LinkedIn, Instagram. If you’re tagged in it, it can appear in just Google search. You can see what someone looks like.

I do know… One girlfriend once told me about, there’s this guy that they were looking at employing and his CV was kind of so-so. And then she said, when he walked in the room , he was good looking, he was tall, he was striking.

They needed someone who ‘s actually gonna be quite powerful in his role.

G: mmmm.

C: She said: “He got it simply by just walking in the room.”

G: Uh-huh. He didn’t have to open his mouth.

C: He didn’t have to open his mouth.

G: So many men have lost their jobs by opening their mouths really, haven’t they?

C: It can be, especially if they’ve got a voice that doesn’t pay well.

G: Now, can we also talk about Handshakes because you and I have chatted about this. I reckon, men and women, boys and girls should be taught how to shake hands properly in primary school.

C: I’m with you on that.

G: And it should be part of the education.

C: I’m with you on that 100%. Because that is how we greet each other now. That is the standard western style of greeting.

G: Uh-huh. I was introduced to a guy the other night and I shook his hand it was kind of floppy dead fish and I think: “Woah! This is really weird.”

How should you shake hands?

C: Okay, ideally you should look the person in the eye. Secondly, stand up.

I was doing a workshop with all these graduates the other day. Half of them sat down. Ooh, did I put them to task by the end of it.

And then when you greet, it’s gotta be your… the webbing, between your thumbs next to touch and then just give as much pressure as the other person is giving you. So if it’s someone who does give you a soft handshake, don’t go with the hard… not a Mark Latham over top of you to a handshake

G: Yup.

C: And if it’s a firm handshake, give the same amount of pressure back. And just like we go 2 or 3 pumps, you should shake it 2 or 3 times cause if it’s not enough, you’re not interested. If you just keep shaking it, something going… “You’re creepy. You are really creepy… let go of my hand… step away…”

G: That’s weird…

I hate it when you shake hands with someone who has a firm handshake but you never get your hand variety in there.

C: Oh, tippers.

G: And then you crush your fingers and you kinda say this: “let go of my hand. Let go of my hand”

C: Well, I have this guy once who is complaining about women shaking hands too softly. So I said, “here, shake my hand.” He almost bent the rings on my finger.

G: Ahh…

C: I was really… It was quite insulting. And I still looked and went: “Right, you don’t like women.”

G: But I there are, you know… He might just be brought up like lots of farmers that really have that solid hand shake?

C: Well, he’s not a farmer and he was in real estate and he should’ve… as I was doing workshop

G: Oh, he hated women. That right.

Clare, if anyone wants to catch you,

C: That’s it Glenn.

G: Thank you. Clare Maxfield there and I’ll shake your hand later.

This is My Melbourne on 3MP.