Interview with Glenn Ridge 3MP – discussing Selfie Etiquette


Listen as Clare discusses Selfie Etiquette with Glenn Ridge on 3MP

G: You put your phone on the end of it and you push a button and then it takes photo of you and whatever is behind you.

Remember the queen bombed a selfie once? Are there rules and laws as to how and when you should do selfies? They’re banned in Wimbledon at the moment. And so our image consultant Clare Maxfield joins us.

How are you Clare?

C: I’m really good Glenn.

G: Have you been guilty of taking a selfie in inappropriate times?

C: Well, actually, kind of yes and this what made me start thinking about this.

G: Okay

C: Well, it is inappropriate at the time but on retrospect maybe not so.

G: Okay. Where was… I’ve never taken a selfie of myself. Only when I meant to take a photo of someone else but I pushed the wrong button and took a photo of me.

C: Well recently, 2 weeks ago, at a friend’s wake, a whole group of us that were together

G: Oh!

C: and you know, it started off very… you know, very somber and we’re all very respectful and… Look, he was a larrikin anyway so he would loved it and by the end we are taking photos of ourselves, taking photos of each other, we’re all having a wow of a time till like… you know, Creaky, we’re still here for you mate. And then, also later we looked and we went: “was that inappropriate?”

G: Well, was it?

C: For us, we didn’t think so because that was his persona but there was all that back lash when Obama and Cameron did a selfie in Mandela’s funeral a few years ago.

G: That’s right.

C: And that was world news.

G: Yeah. Now, I noticed that they’re banned – particularly the selfie sticks. You can’t ban taking selfies obviously, but with selfie sticks they’re banned at Wimbledon. Do you think that’s a good thing?

C: Well look. There also banned at the Opera House. And what I think it is, it’s more from an occ(upational) health and safety perspective.

And for that, you know, when someone pulls out their sticks and they are taking their photo and they might be seated in a stand and the person in front of them stands up so quickly and “bam!” they connect with your Apple. For that reason, yes! You do need to be careful with that being used but from a social media marketing point of view, not that Wimbledon would probably need a lot of it but everyone is taking their shots saying “hey, this is where I am!”

G: But I believe some of AFL clubs, actually give them out to their fans at the football. Have you heard that?

C: I have heard that as well. And I think that’s a great idea because all the fans were there taking their photos, getting better quality shots. I’m sure the teams are using them for their own, you know, marketing and media so like “hey, this person tagged himself at the game”.

So, from a marketing point of view, I think it’s great! You’ve just got to be careful who’s standing up in front of you, if there’s someone below you and you’ve got your selfie stick.

G: How do they work? You put the phone in the stick, then you push the button at the end of the stick which takes the photo and connects to your phone somehow, does it?

C: There’s a Bluetooth often. And so you’ve got your… Personally I don’t have one but I’ve seen friends with them. They’ve got their camera on their… or their phone on their selfie stick and in their other hand, it’s like a little Bluetooth button connected to your phone and you click that.

G: Ahh… Okay. all very…

C: It’s all very take me

G: … overly difficult. Sorry, maybe not taking selfies at the wake is a good way to go?

C: I would start saying… If it’s… well, think of if everyone is kind of it the character or should I say the character of the person deceased, if they love the life and they wanted everyone to enjoy themselves, then…

G: Give it a go!

C: Maybe it’s appropriate. But if it is maybe very somber, solemn occasion where if not an opportunity to…

G: In other words Clare, the short answer – No.

C: Yeah.

G: We’ll catch you later.

C: Okay.

G: See you. Our Image Consultant – Clare Maxfield. Apparently Kim Kardashian crashes social media with her selfies. Funny about that, isn’t it?

This is My Melbourne on 13:77 on 3MP.

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