Introduction to Image Consulting

An Introduction to Image Consulting Transcription

This is an earlier introduction to my Image Consulting course. Today the course operates as The Academy of Professional Image. The course material is even better, but this recording is just as relevant.

Hi, It’s Clare Maxfield here, Principal at the International Style Academy. Thanks for coming and having a look at what we have to offer you here at the International Style Academy. I’m sure you’ve got loads of questions and that’s why I thought I would create this short video to hopefully answer some of them.

I must say that the first one (question) I often hear is when can I start? Well you know what, you can start right now. Start right away because most of the courses are online, it’s up to you when you want to start. And you know what the best thing is? You can do it at your home, in your own time. So you don’t have to travel half way around the world, don’t have to take time off from work. You can do it when it suits you, when it’s great for you.

Now, you might be wondering about the notes, well, when you asked about the free lessons, you got Lessons 1 and 2 sent to you. And you’ll see that this is basically like well what the front of Lesson 1 will look like.

And It has, If you have a look, it has all of the Lessons outlined for you.

In case you’re wondering, Lesson 1 is why Image matters? Well, sometimes you need to start at the beginning because once you’re a qualified Image Consultant, people are going to be saying to you, It doesn’t really matter. Well it does.

Those first impressions, that we make that quickly are what everything is judged on. Whether right or wrong. And look, you’ll decide if you’re going to pick a book up, if you going to go in to a store, if you’re going to trust someone, because you know what? If you finished school, you’ve got the same grades, someone else your with the same school, you had the same teacher, you do the same hours, you have the same accreditations, you got the same scores. What do they going to make the final decision on? Something about the feeling they have about you. And right or wrong, often it comes down to the way you look. We do the same.

Do you know you choose your shopping centre? Do you imagine someone having fresher fruit just on the car park alone? Two grocery stores- same produce- same supplier- one car park looks better than the other, you’ll go to the one with the better looking carpark.

Now, that is that lesson 1 is about and Lesson 2- The First Impressions.

Then we go in to advancing and receiving elements

Things that come at you and the messages they give.

Things that just step back and the messages they give.

The female clothing personalities. Now, I’m going to give you another video in a couple of.. You’ll find further down to the website here, on the different personalities and how they can really affect whether or not you’re the sort of person who’s going to suit runners, whether or not your the sort of person that likes the feel of your clothes over the look of them. This will come down to your personality.

Well, we are going to look at silhouette and line. How line and how it fit can affect the way you look and the way the shape of your body will affect the lines that you put on them. It’s also the part of the course. And the proportions. You’ll see the girl on the first email when you asked about the free Lessons. The 50/50 there’s a lot of more proportions that we use without even realising we’re doing it. You can use it with a client to just tweak their clothing that a little bit more.

As scale, why these pearls are working for me? Why, you know, if I wear anything more delicate may or may not work for me. If I wore anything larger, what it may have to say about me or what it may not say about me?

And the body shapes, now with shapes, can I tell you one thing I don’t do is that I don’t teach you how to look for pear, an orange or a lollipop. To me you can’t call someone by a piece of fruit. Fruit goes mouldy, it goes stale. Let’s look at some beautiful shapes you can work with them.

And how to get the perfect fit in clothing because often, someone can buy a thousand dollar outfit but unless it fits properly, it’s still going to look like it’s second hand. Or you can go out and buy something that’s at a more budget price, and if you tailor it to fit you perfectly, you will look like you are wearing a thousand dollar outfit.

And then I teach you how to work with illusion to make someone look taller, I always want to look taller, slimmer and some people want to look shorter or want to look wider. I will teach you all of that illusion.

And how to recognise a face shape. Is someone more oval or are they round or are they triangle or diamond or inverted triangle or heart shaped, square or oval? I will teach you how to recognise their shapes.

How to put make up only five minutes, not half an hour. Really quickly, easily, so you can get this sort of effect. Actually I can do this in two. So I’ll teach you how to do that.

How to choose the right shoes for someone. Did you know, that the shape of someone shoes, should work with their body. Now I’m going to tell you that. How that is done, that’ll be giving it away way.

How to dress the bottom, the bust, the neck, the belly, the thighs, the calves and many more places in between.

Also what is formal dress code? What is work business dress code? You know, these codes often need to be decoded, and I will teach you how to do that.

How to work with a wardrobe to create a perfect basic wardrobe, build on it, create a working wardrobe and how to work with someone’s client. That’s work with the client. And make a magnificent wardrobe for them.

How to build your business, create a business plan and at the end, you will be able to work with a client from beginning to end as an image consultant does, because you know what? You will be, you’ll know all the steps and especially with Confident Consulting In Style for Women (now Certified Personal Stylist and Image Mastery Training Women). We will teach you all those steps.

We also have another course, Confident Consulting In Style for Men (now Certified Personal Stylist and Image Mastery Training for Men). You may choose to do them separately or sign up for the two together. You know what? You’ll save some money doing that.

Now online, I also have and introduction to colour, but at this point, I haven’t worked out how to teach you colour consulting, draping someone online, that we will need to do together and that can be done at many places around the world because I’m often travelling.

So, I hope that tells you what’s in the course. Now you see that this is what I’ve printed up of the notes.

The notes are really well laid out. Lots of images, lots of parts for you to fill in yourself, face shapes. They are just actually being updated. I’m having some new face shapes designed and that page that tell you which shoe works. I’m going to tell you that now.

And also the personalities. I’ve had all the illustrations for that, redesigned. All of the courses are, we have confident consulting and style for Women, for men, Confident consulting In Colour Levels 1 and 2 and they’re all online courses.

All of them also have payment plans available. You know you don’t want to pay it all at once? You can pay it in 4 instalments. And how long does it take? Each course you have up to six months, if you want to do the accredited version of it and as well as that how long do you do? It can take longer if something pops up in your life, just let me know. I’m sure i’ll be able to work with you.

Are they are accredited? Currently Confident Consulting and Style for Women is, very soon, I’ll have Confident Consulting in Style for men and Confident Consulting in Colour Level 1 and 2 accredited as well. (NB all course are now accredited with The Academy of Professional Image)

Look, you know, thanks for taking the time, if you’re still here, great! I hope you got a little bit more insight.

As you can see, I’m alive. I’m not someone you can’t connect to. You can email me, if you got my number you can pick up the phone. Here’s my phone, if it rings, I answer. The only time I don’t answer is when I’m working with a client myself or travelling. And by travelling means, I’m on a plane.

So I hope this has answered a few more questions for you because can I tell you, Image Consulting is a fabulous career and I look forward to working with you in taking on this fabulous journey very soon.

Thanks and have a great day. Look after yourself.

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