Basic IntrodutionsIntroductions

Let’s start with how do you make a simple introduction?

The easiest way to remember how to introduce one person to another is to always introduce the most important person to the 2nd most important person. An example of this would be

“ Mr or Mrs most important person I’d like to introduce you to Mr or Mrs 2nd most important person.”

At this point, it is always helpful to both parties being introduced to either mention what they may have in common or how they know you. Introducing people without a reason or a link can leave them wondering why they were introduced. So create a link for them and allow the conversation to flow.

Two things to get right after the introduction include:

  • Remembering names
  • Your handshake

To use the excuse, “I’m just no good with names” is just not acceptable if you want to win at the art of communication and if you want to make the best impression you can.

To study more you can find the whole course here for women and here for men

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