Looking Up

You have the choice to see what you see. You can look up towards possibility or you can look at your feet towards what is holding you where you are. You chose.

I am always amazed at clients who have no idea of what they are capable of. I ask them what they can see and they describe, what is right there in front of them.

Yes, I know, last weeks post told you to keep you eyes out of the clouds and focus on what is about you. That purple can keep your eyes in the sky and out of reality. There is a fine line between having your head in the clouds and having your feet stuck in the mud.

Look towards what is possible, then look back down and take the steps necessary to get there.

Recently I worked with a client who was lost. they had gotten to that age, when no one sees them anymore and neither did they. We did a great series of sessions to open up their eyes again to who they are and what they are capable of. they are now embracing a new position at work and a new appreciation that their social and professional life does not end at 50. (and who ever said it did!)

Don’t get stuck in your gutter. It is never too late to look up and get out.

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