Make your clients STICK

Make your clients STICK

How many times have clients slipped through your fingers, especially when you thought you had it in the bag?

It is your G.L.U.E. which keeps your clients connected. That is what will make them stick to you. Make you more apealing and we all know how people like to do business with people that they like the look of and who they can relate to.

Understanding your G.L.U.E will solve many of those dilemmas whern someone simply does not stick with you. You know the person. There are those you cannot connect with. They slip away. Then there are those who have connected and do not stay. What is the magic ingredient that holds your clients to you? That keeps people, clients, customers, coming back fro more? It is your G.L.U.E. It is your stickiness.

Stickiness is what makes a first impression work. It is the elements that when combined together have people saying, yes I want to hear more. It does not stop there though. You need to keep fueling their interest. You need to keep an eye on your G.L.U.E or you can lose those who once were held tight. Like a decade old stamp, there is just nothing left to stick with.

It is important to be accountable for your own rapport. Your own likeability with clients, your own value. Without any one of the above traits, and many more that I cover in my Sticky training, you can be losing clients, fans and/or customers.

The G.L.U.E. Which Makes you Stick
Glue is an acronym that completely identifies all of the elements that are important to make maintain and retain relationships with all kinds of people. From clients and customers to family and friends. We all talk about the glue that keeps us together. Have you ever spent any time considering exactly what that glue might be. If you consider the fact that people like to do business with people that they like and relate to – that is one element of the glue. People feel most at home with those people who make them feel like they belong. With the people who look and sound and act like then. With the people with whom they have something in common, with whom they connect with and with whom they can see a little of them self inside.

You’ve all heard about 1st impressions. Have 55% is based on how you look, have 38% is based on how you sound and a meagre 7% is based on the words you have to say. So here you can see within the 1st 3 seconds of having met someone how you look is vitally important. So that, in essence, is only one element of the glue which will make you stick in someone’s mind because if you do not stick at this point, the chances are you are very little chance of sticking in the future. We have all experienced making a judgement call, right or wrong, on some on we had just met based on how they look. Based on looks alone we can make numerous judgements on the person. In fact without thinking too hard I came up with 22 immediately and I’m sure they could be trebled depending on the type of business you’re in and the type of person it attracts. So if you are in business are you sure that your image is attractive to everyone you are meeting with. by attractive I mean will it attract them not does it make you look gorgeous. Gorgeous is good but not always appropriate. Remember though, you only have one chance to make a good 1st impression.

Now once this 1st impression is made and people start listening to you and another element of the glue which will make you stick comes into play. That is the way you communicate with them. It is how you act and how you speak to them. We know through NLP that people are predisposed to communicate in a manner most comfortable to them and there is generally the manner in which they take in own information. The top 3 are visual, auditory and kinaesthetic. If you only speak in a visual manner there is a pretty good chance you are not gaining the interest of the auditory and kinaesthetic communicators. So basically you can only communicate with one 3rd of the population. Then when you add on top of that there are roughly 16 language markers that indicate how someone thinks (there are 5 that I use religiously and the 11 depending on the situation) you can turn someone off by one wrong statement. Let me tell you that happened to me recently when I was interviewing agents to sell my house. The 2nd sentence that came out of this person’s mouth was enough for the deal to be through before they had gone 5 steps into my house. There was absolutely nothing left to glue that situation together.

So you’ve found a client, you’re working together because you like each other, your communication is great, you are on the same page. Surely that’s enough. No it isn’t. Here is where your glue is at its most important.  It takes commitment and dedication to keep a relationship alive. Whether it is a personal one or a professional one you need to let people know that they are important to you. By doing this your clients, your customers, your family and friends will become your most loyal and raving fans for ever.

So let me know if you’d like to know more about the GLUE which makes you not only stick in the minds of the people you know but sticky and memorable to the ones you do not and for all of the right reasons.

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