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Finish off your look

Complete the picture that you know what you are doing by using the right accessories. With a traditional business suit, choose gold and silver classic pieces. As your clothing gets more relaxed so can your accessories, but don’t try to wear surfie bracelets with a tailored suit. You wouldn’t wear a suit to the beach so why wear anything surf-related to the office? The same goes for your compendiums, wallets and bags.

Carry a good pen

This would have to be one of my top five tips. A good pen says something about you. Whether you are signing contracts or taking notes, it always pays to use quality products. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but ensure it looks better than a cheap biro.

Choose a leather compendium

If you need to take notes (and who doesn’t?), attend a meeting with a stylish compendium that holds a notepad, a good-looking pen, spare business cards, room for cards you are given and a sleeve in which to put any letters. Ideally, it should zip up so you don’t have any slip ups. You might be using your iPad or similar digital device. Carry it in something smart.

Get a good wallet

When you are out for drinks with colleagues or taking a client out for coffee, you don’t want to pull out your velcro high school wallet from your suit pocket or briefcase. A smart leather wallet will show you have style.

Keep your wallet organised

Your wallet does not need to become your quarterly tax file: don’t overstuff it with receipts. At the end of each week, make a habit of putting your receipts into a file to be handled when your tax needs to be done. An overstuffed wallet can also ruin your back (for men) if it stays in your back pocket while you sit on it all day. Keep it inside your jacket.

Keep your wallet safe

If you overstuff your wallet, it will not fit comfortably in your jacket or trouser pocket. You don’t want it to be an easy target for a pickpocket.

A briefcase needs to be in keeping with your look

In the corporate world you should really carry a leather briefcase. A hard shell, like a Samsonite briefcase, is great for a photographer or a special agent. Messenger bags will give you a very modern preppy look which is great for the less traditional industries that do not include finance or legal practices, but is not recommended for real estate either. Vinyl is for the person going nowhere fast, and all other man-made waterproof fabrics are too relaxed to be taken seriously.

It is the small details which add up to complete the bigger picture and that bigger picture is YOU. Don’t let your finishing touches let you down.

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