Men’s Clothing Style Personalities with Full Circle Image

Wearing clothes that suit your personality will ensure that you are always comfortable and confident in how you appear.  Knowing how to adjust personal style to suit many different occasions will separate you from everyone else who simply picks up the closest pieces or what is in fashion with no regard for the finished impression. It is your personal style which will impact why you like certain garments and dislike others.  It is this aspect of your personality which will help you understand why, no matter how hard you have tried to look like someone else, it just doesn't work.  Especially If they are a completely different style personality to yourself.

Understanding your own personal style personality can even make looking for a job easier as you will understand certain careers and be more in tune with certain styles.  Having said that I want you to remember that absolutely nothing is impossible should you want it badly enough.

 There are 8 predominant style personalities.

  • Classic
  • Creative
  • Dramatic
  • Elegant Chic
  • Gallant
  • Natural
  • Rebellious
  • and Seductive

At the end of this quiz you will discover your personality.  Your top personality is how you present yourself most days.  The next two will be how you like to adapt your top personality and the way you accessorise it.

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1. The outfit I would be most at home is

Question 1 of 12

2. This is how I best describe myself

Question 2 of 12

3. Which of the following best describes you

Question 3 of 12

4. Which one of the following statements is true for you?

Question 4 of 12

5. I'd describe myself this way.

Question 5 of 12

6. Choose one from each question. Do not take into consideration what will suit your current body, age or lifestyle. Imagine you have the perfect body, you have the lifestyle that you have dreamt of and money is of no concern. With this in mind...what would you want in your wardrobe.

Which is most like you?

Question 6 of 12

7. My Style Icons are

Question 7 of 12

8. My clothing style would be best described as

Question 8 of 12

9. People would say the following about me

Question 9 of 12

10. The colours I am attracted to are

Question 10 of 12

11. The after shave that I like is described as

Question 11 of 12

12. Which of these statements is most like you?

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