Olive Green, Building Peace and Love

For peace and love
For peace and love

Colour talks to us. Tonight as I went to sleep I was thinking about a couple I know who are separated and extremely angry with each other. Their anger is feeding and fueling the worst actions between two people who I feel have so much love for each other they have just lost their way.
As I was thinking about them I was overcome with the colour olive and kept thinking that olive must represent love renewing out of anger. Upon looking into the colour I did discover that olive is an embodiment of peace, hence the Olive Branch.
For me Olive represents building love and forgiveness from deep anger. Surrounding yourself with this colour will allow the heart chakras and the solar plexus to work together to bring peace and healing to people.
In business olive would be a great colour to use if there is discord between two people. It will ease the heated energies and open up a more daring communication.
It is a slow and subtly moving Colour. Do not expect sudden change. Allow for heartfelt regeneration.

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