Orange is enveloping and has no time to waste

Orange is enveloping and has no time to waste

Orange is enveloping and has no time to waste

What better time than January to feature the joyous aspects of the colour Orange.

Orange as a colour relates to success, freedom and the ability to expand your interests and your activities. Orange is a divisive colour as it is visually made up of the properties of red and yellow, Power and fun. As a colour it is one which interestingly rates highly as a least preferred colour. People love it or hate it. They will fill their houses with it or not have a speck of it around.

Orange in the home is great for areas where you entertain and you play. It is not ideal for bedrooms or other areas where stress needs to be dissipated. It can have a strong masculine energy which is why it is great for motivation, inspiring risk taking, confidence and even competition.  Orange will get people thinking and talking. Like red, in the kitchen it will stimulate the appetite, so avoid it if you are watching your weight. Wear it though to get up and get moving.

As a healing colour, orange relates to the reproductive organs in the body. It is the colour of the 6th Chakra and as such assists with maintaining the reproductive organs. Wearing orange can improve not only your emotional well being but also your feelings of sensuality and pleasure. Go out and buy those orange underpants.

When feeling low avoid orange as it can make you feel even more pessimistic and see everything as very superficial.

If orange is your favourite colour you will enjoy being with people and will thrive on challenges. It brings vitality, enthusiasm, rejuvenation and stimulation to your life.

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