Packing Tips

Hi, this is Clare Maxfield from CMI and Personal Brandi ng and Presentation Success Strategies. Last year, I was packing to go away and I start always pack by using the roll up method. I heard that was a really good way to get the maximum sort of pieces in your wardrobe without them sort of getting them ruined.

Well, you see from this next slide, I was going once and a bit of pleasure and a bit of work so I got a suit in there, the picture is not quite in the middle but there is a variety of tops, there are some jeans, there some good trousers, there are some cotton trousers and variety of necklaces. This is often how I lay out my clothes when I’m going away. I even got a gym gear in there.

So there is quite bit to go and I was really kind of hoping I could use my carry on suitcase rather than my big… well that is not my big big suitcase. You can see the little on to the left is quite a bit smaller easily goes out to your head locker than the one on the right. So I thought well, why not? But I had also taught a lot of people about doing flat packing and although I’m going to test this flat packing idea.

So I start it off by putting my gym gear and my long jewelry in this sort of, you know you got those channels at the bottom of your case? So they are there just to fill it out, to stack it in the bottom of my case flat.

Then went in my first pair of suit trousers. See sort of from the waist, down the case and then draping out. I follow that a pair of jeans over the top still hanging out of the case, follow that with my suit to skirt over the top of those- actually, there is an image missing there. Under there is also my white cotton trousers and another sort of purplely sock skirt.

So you can see I have got trousers, jeans, cotton trousers, a sock skirt, now I have my suit skirt. Now I put my suit jacket and if you have seen how I have that, I have it in, initially I put in. This is what a lot of people think with the collar in first. But that is the wrong way to do it. What you want to do is have the bottom of the jacket in the suit and see how the shoulder area collar is hanging off the case steel, because what happens is when your jacket folds around the seam of the shoulders. The hit of the shoulders will keep that flat but the hit of the body down at the skirt of the jacket and the skirt of the jacket is anyway from the waist down, it is not close enough to the body. So often will re-kink but where it sits next to the body, it does not kink there. So you want the top end of your jacket hanging out.

Next, I started putting just some of my light tops in again I am even putting them in in flat pack. I am not even folding them or rolling them.

Next comes my leather jacket. Again all of this stuff is literally flat pack. There comes some other bits and pieces to kind of fill in the gap and I now start folding each piece over.

So you can see here, my leather jacket is started folding over the smaller pieces under here. So under there I have got my underwear, I have got some smaller tops and from here, you will see everything gets folded over and even here are my trousers, so they are still hanging out and then, I tuck them in.

Now this is all in that little case. Then, I start fading my shoes on the top so there is a pair of runners, a pair of walking shoes, two pair . Now look what happens, that is my case with all my clothing in it.

I thought, okay, I’m now going to roll everything and I will still hang my suit pieces out flat on top of all the rolled pieces with my runners. So now, the image before you have seen this suit case with a fully flat pack. This one everything is rolled with my runners on the top. You can see everything is rolled down there- runners on top. I have tried to sort of like roll it around. I’ve sort of this a little bit out of order. This is everything rolled around with the suit on the top. And look at the gap. Look at how high my suitcase is sitting up with the same amount of items there. I have not even added my toiletries yet.

Same case, same amount of items. The one on the left completely flat packed. The one on the right, with just my suit hanging out and everything else, all my other tops are rolled.

So, I think we can see that flat packing is a way to go. And to finish it off, just look at what you do need to pack. These here is, you know, small moisturizer, cleanser, dry shampoo, toner, deodorant and here is a full sized toner, full sized cleanser, lots of bits.

Sometimes it just do not need it all. I ended up taking this little toilet bag on the left and leaving behind this large one on the right.

And to finish up, this was just a quick little video just to show you what you can do. Here is a list of all the things you should pack and just keep handy so you’ll know you have got exactly what you need with you.

Clare Maxfield from CMI as well as Personal Branding and Presentation Success Strategies. This is a quick packing guide. Hope you enjoyed it.

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