Podcast – The G in GLUE – Genetics and how they can help you connect

Podcast - The G in GLUE - Genetics and how they can help you connect

This is Episode #4 of Styled for Success with Clare Maxfield.

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I’ll explain strategies so you can magnetically attract clients, build a successful team and empower you and your team.

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Business success  relies on behaviour, experience and reputation which as we know, plays a key role in and with everything there is to a starting point, an attraction, a desire and a need. The lower the competition for your services the less you need to rely on image but in the field where there are a lot of players it is imperative that you stand out. that you shine. that You you are the successful candidate and for that to occur there are a number of steps you can take.

Research has proven that personality, experience and education will take you the distance on any successful endeavour all the way but the way you look can be the simplest step to opening that 1st door.

We never get a 2nd chance to create a 1st impression.  so it amazes me how many people will ignore the value of that 1st impression.  life is hard enough. Consumers are inundated with choice and if you do not seem to be the right fit for them, do not grab their attention, do not pique their interest immediately, they will very quickly, in fact, within the blink of an eye, move onto their next option and not give you a second thought.

You need to make sure that everything you do supports the product or service you are representing.  You need to make sure that when you are out prospecting, networking or  in a business situation that you were doing all you can do to create the perfect fit if that person is your ideal client or customer.

Whilst getting a new client will cost you 6-7 times more than maintaining an existing client , unless you are the incredibly lucky person who does not want any new clients, kind of like the doctors surgeries where I used to live, the reality is we are all looking for new clients continually.

Word of mouth opens doors for you but sometimes you just have to drum up your own new business.

This program I’m going to share with you the glue which will make new people stick to you. The glue which, when applied, is natural and organic and authentic to your own brand. And that glue is you.

GLUE is an anagram that I use to ensure my clients get through their 1st impressions with new and potential customers and clients with flying colours. It is not about manipulating a situation nor is it about being inauthentic. If you like it is a checklist that when you follow through all of the items on the checklist you will have a higher percentage of the successful attraction rate for new clients and customers to your business. wouldn’t it be nice to know the you have done everything possible in your power to be exactly what your client is looking for. You’re not missing out on a deal due to a comment or an action that you could have done differently.

All businesses, no matter how big or small, are constantly on the look for new clients and/or customers. Elements of the 4 steps that I be sharing with you over the next 4 podcasts are well-known to marketers globally. I think however, you will find, that is rare to find or 4 elements together in one package. So let’s begin, how can you ensure that you are the kind of person that people want to stick with, get to know, do business with and refer all of their friends to? It is quite simple. To get sticky, you need to use some glue. And the glue that I am referring to relates to your genetics, your likeability, your uniformity and your education and experience.So let’s start with genetics. How can that have an impact on how successful a person is in business?

It is a well-known fact that we like to do business with people that we like the look of. People we can see a little bit of ourself in and that more often comes down to genetics. J Philippe Rushton, a psychologist at the University of Western Ontario discovered that  genetics plays 34% in the role of friendship and mate selection. Now I’m not suggesting at all that this is the dating piece but just as with selective with their friends and our mates we will also be selective with those we choose to spend time and do business with. We will sacrifice more for someone who is genetically similar to ourselves and we are drawn to people with similar attitudes and values as ourselves.

Have you noticed how in every city the areas where certain ethnic, cultural or nationalities were grouped together and congregate. This is not just that the reason of language is also because we are most at home with those people who are most like us. If you’ve travelled especially to a foreign speaking country it can be very comforting to hear your own language. I know how comforting it can also be to me to hear the Australian accent after spending time abroad even in another English-speaking country.

So genetically speaking what will I be referring to here? Well genetics are the way we look. It is our bone structure, as skin, eye and hair colour. Basically genetics drive everything about our bodies. So whilst we cannot change ourselves genetically it helps to know how we can use this knowledge about ourselves to further out connections.

Before I start explaining how you can use genetics to your advantage I want to make it clear that of course you will have connections with people who do not fit the same genetic profile as you. This can however make that 1st impression so much simpler when genetically you are aligned. And this will become clearer in the next Episode when these 2 strategies are placed side by side.  So, back to Genetics and how they can make you sticky.

I’d like you to start by standing in front of the mirror and having a good look at yourself. This is a you are, this is what you look like and this is what you have to work with. So was strange it is going to sound automatically you are going to have a great connection with people who are the same genetic profile as yourself. That will include people of the same gender as you, people who are the same height as you, people at the same skin colour as you, people the same hair colour and style as you and people who were in the same weight range as you. So automatically you have a very wide profile to work with here.

Now what if you did want to make some changes. What can you do? The simplest changes can be made with hair colour, cut and style. Men and women have been cutting colouring and styling the here almost since time began. The right cut and colour can distinguish you and make you look more distinguished on many levels.

Hair can make you look younger, it can make you look more fun, more serious, more adventurous, more like the other people around you if you opt for a similar style. It can help you to fit in and stand out. It is not called our crowning glory for nothing. An antiquated hairstyle on an ageing body can make you look prehistoric. So keep up to date with your hairstyle.

The 2nd change you can make quite simply is with your weight. It might be that you choose to gain or lose weight, depending on what you are after. People who are within a healthy weight range are considered to care for themselves and this consideration extends to rightly or wrongly the impression that they are more intelligent, trustworthy and reliable.

Your facial features will also have a strong impact on how people see you. Studies have found the facial symmetry leads to attraction and greater success. Some people see asymmetry as a sign of the genetic problem, a quirk of nature. For some people this will work to their advantage and for others it can be to the detriment. So short of having cosmetic surgery you might wonder what can you do to offset the effects of facial asymmetry. The solution is quite simple. Ensure that you do not dress in a symmetrical manner. The men it can be as simple as ensuring you have a kerchief in your top pocket and avoid any ties with an even horizontal or vertical pattern on them. For the ladies you have the option of wearing asymmetrical necklines, brooches, jewellery and other accessories  which do not complete a pattern or create a mirror image from the left to the right side of the body.

Height has it merits too Arianne Cohen, the 6’3” author of  ‘The Tall Book: A Celebration of Life from on High’, maintains there is a tangible correlation between height and success — and offers up a variety of theories on why tall people tend to thrive in business and elsewhere. Tall people make an average of $789 per inch (that 2.5cm) more per year and this has been shown repeatedly in a set of four large-scale salary survey studies over 50 years in both the U.K. and the U.S.

Numerous studies show that when bosses are given real and fictitious resumes of two competent employees, there’s about a 70% chance that bosses will pick the taller person for the job. In follow-up studies where the managers were asked to rate the employees coming in to the job, they gave flying colour reviews to the tall people, which is hilarious because none of the employees had even done anything yet. The clear implication of this is that tall people are perceived as very competent before they ever display proof that they are.

When asked why she said that her response was, “One reason tall people are successful is that they are very memorable. We are evolutionarily primed so that whenever somebody tall walks in the room, everyone in the room glances, because millions of years ago the tallest person was either going to be a protection or a threat.  Tall people are also very good at guarding their personal space, and this pays off in spades in the workplace. When two friends are talking they tend to be 18 inches(45 cm) apart, when two coworkers are talking they tend to be about three feet or a meter apart. When a boss and an employee are talking they tend to be at least 120 cms apart. People always give tall people that full 120 cms. So when they do studies where they put a video camera in an office floor and track the body language, tall people are related to by everyone in the room with that “boss-space,” whereas with short people, coworkers crowd their personal space”.

Does this mean if you are short you are doomed to a lowly position. Not at all. You simply dress tall. For the men it is ensuring that your clothing fits impeccably. No breaks in your trousers, columns of colour, horizontal lines, pin stripes and avoid rugby tops with wide chest stripes. For the girls, heels help and again using the column of colour to ensure that you look as tall as possible. In all instances don’t slouch. It not only reduces your height but it gives you an ineffective appearance.

So the 1st step in ensuring that your clients like, love and intend to stay with you for ever is to start by finding clients who are genetically similar to you. As they will be the easiest ones to connect with initially. So does this mean you can only do business with people who look like you? Absolutely not! This is where you turn to your friends, and existing clients. Get them to promote you to their friends. You use the magical medium of word-of-mouth to cross those bridges and open the doors to the clients and customers that you are yet to meet. And when you include the other three elements of likeability, uniformity, education and experience with everyone you connect with  – you will turn strangers into lifelong clients and customers.

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