Professional Woman Style

Professional Woman Style

The modern professional woman is new and exciting and breaking ground that has never been attempted before. She is looking for balance between her work life, her home life and her social life. She is choosing to have her family later and she is not afraid to go toe to toe with the boys in the office.

From the new graduates studying right now, who have only ever known the digital age to Gail Kelly of Westpac who has shown women that the glass ceiling no longer exists.

What are three outfits she can base her wardrobe off?

She needs her power suit –not the red suit of the ‘80’s but a sleek jacket and skirt combination in black or navy pin stripe. Tailored to fit. Worn with a crisp shirt –the fabric may have a masculine feel to it but the styling will be distinctly feminine. Worn with hosiery and elegant dark heels.

Second she needs her trouser suit, in charcoal. This she can wear to in house meetings, negotiations and days when the unexpected may occur. With the trousers tapered she can team this suit with heels or flats depending on her mood and her day. It also allows her to dress it up very quickly should an important client appear.

Lastly she needs an outfit that a bit more fun. When she is starting her career I would recommend that she starts with a combination as pictured that has 2 jackets and 4-5 bottoms that can mix and match with the jackets. Ideally I’d recommend a mix of skirts and trousers. Keeping pattern to a minimum will give her more flexibility and mixing and matching her patterns and outfits.

What are the best colours a woman should base her professional wardrobe off?

The ideal colours worn by a businesswoman in her professional wardrobe needs to suit both her position and her colouring. If she’s in the financial sector or law she will want to wear dark serious colours maybe with the inclusion of a pop of camel, red and brighter blues and greens like teal and Aqua. If she’s in the professional services industry she may choose more colour in her wardrobe, keeping in mind that the more colour the more flamboyant and creative she will look. My personal favourites are navy, pinstriped and charcoal to form the core of any professional women’s wardrobe.

Ideally her clothing needs to work with her colouring. If she has fair hair, fair skin and fair eyes she needs to avoid black entirely. As her colour deepens so can her choice in colours and contrast.

What accessories  (if any) should she include in her wardrobe?

It is the accessories that define her personality and allow the true person to shine through in even the most professional and corporate of office. Depending on her personality will depend upon the level of accessories that she purchases or has on hand.

Depending on the position she will need a work satchel. To add interest to the daily wardrobe I would highly recommend different belts, simple jewellery as in earrings necklaces and bracelets and for the right person a collection of scarves. However I would never recommend a scarf to a woman who doesn’t wear them and doesn’t like them.

Never overlook the impact an accessory can have on creating personality and originality any outfits working or otherwise

What kinds of shoes are appropriate?

A woman needs to remember when she’s at work that whilst she may want look fashionable she needs to still be comfortable. A closed toe shoe is a must. The elegance that a woman can convey in a closed toe shoe is far superior to anything that sandal or a peep toe can bring to our overall outfits. Anything from a low 1 cm heel up to 8 cm heel will work for a professional woman. Ballet flats could give you the impression that you have not yet grown up whilst towering stiletto heels makes dude a higher degree of sexuality which can be deterring to your professional Image.

What should she keep in mind when doing hair and make up?

She wants a hairstyle that will look great everyday. Something she can manage those mornings when she slept in and that can manage take her from the office to an evening out if the need arises.

You may needs to appear natural. Clean fresh appearance is ideal. I highly recommend Mascara and lipstick every day. If she is a woman with beautiful fresh skin good foundation may not be necessary. It is always important to take in the office environment someone is working in is what might look healthy and fresh at home cannot quite washed out in a superficially lit environment.

What should the modern professional woman avoid when dressing?

She needs to remember where she’s going. She needs to avoid the ‘I just rolled out of bed look’, or the ‘I’m ready to rock’n’ roll’ – ‘I’m out to a party tonight’. She also needs to keep in mind that while some television shows may portray characters in towering stilettos and thigh high skirts, many employers would not be pleased. The main complaints I hear from clients is that women are not dressing professionally at work. They are not taking the time to invest in their professional wardrobe and whilst they may think they look good, or worse still think that nobody notices or even cares, they’re not reflecting the company brand whom they work. So in this case I would say avoid complacency.

If you want help dressing for your image, to get the job you want, the promotion you are after, or that special someone in your life, Call Clare now to book some time with her.

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