Pucker perfect lips and a picture perfect finish

Hi, Clare Maxfield here from the International Style Academy (Now Academy of Professional Image). Today’s workshop we are going to finish your face and we’re going to apply the lips and how you just a little bit of airbrushing when you are out at night.

Final step, I’m often asked, how do you get perfect lips?

Perfect lips is simple. Well I’ve just discovered, primer and it is wonderful to use… Look I’m not 20 anymore. So when I’m trying to put a lip gloss on, it’s always trying to creep off my face within 5-10 minutes after wearing it.

The eye and lip primer. Now I got this one brush I use because, can I tell you if you put too much on your lips, it does go everywhere. Now that was just, from the tiny bit on the end of my brush… Okay. This is good for 2 reasons. One, if you need to redefine you lips, you find your lips you know, one side is fuller than the other. Putting this on can make it a lot easy to balance them up

Also, if you find your lipstick and your… everything bleeds, this holds in in place. After you put on your lip primer, follow with a lip liner. I’ve used Tantalize. Now you have to put a little bit of primer to the outside of the lips, that slight lightening on the outside of the line, makes your lip look fuller.

Now if I leave my lip liner like this, as many people do, the minute I eat my lipstick and it does start wearing off, it won’t be there anymore.

So, I like to feather it in lightly. And let’s finish with lipstick. Today I’m wearing Betrayal. So now, lips was easy. Lip primer, lip liner and lipstick.

Some of you may look at yourself and me and think I’m just looking a bit dull. So I want to introduce you to my final toy. This is my concealer stack. I want to put a little more brightness around my eyes. (I use pink) Because there’s a little bit of blue, standing down there, the opposite to colour, to blue on the colour wheel is yellow… and that we are going to apply it here and… much better.

Having your concealer for the final layer as a powder, means you never going to get too much there. So I’ve just used wakeup, to wake my eyes up and then I’m going to add a little pink from the brighten just to the outside here. See how the difference on the right side brighter than the other?

Now, I know I’ve got different lighting in here, but just brighter in the eyes. It’s like mini face lift. This is great tool for those of you who tend to go out and get a little bit flushed, you just puff a little bit of green powder on your face and tone it down.

Anyway, Clare Maxfield here from the International Style Academy (Now Academy of Professional Image). I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s session.

Thanks for watching today’s week, I hope you’ve picked up some tips and remember come and like us at the International Style Academy (now Academy of Professional Image). And if you’d like to get more come along to the Academy of Professional Image membership side. Lots of people who are joining there and have conversations with. I look forward to speaking with you there myself. Thanks and have a great day.

NB – the international Style Academy and the International Style Academy membership site are now closed.

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